Let’s see how to work and vacation safely in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic


JAKARTA Pandemic Covid-19 Indonesia is entering an alarming period. The number of positive cases has soared in recent times.

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Data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force announced that on Sunday, June 20, 2021, the number of additional positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia was 13,737 cases daily. This addition brings the accumulation of positive Covid-19 cases to 1,989,909 cases, 54,662 of whom died. Covid-19 cases are spread in 510 districts/cities in 34 provinces.

The government has tightened the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in various regions. President Joko Widodo asked for the strengthening of micro PPKM in the next two weeks.

“Regarding the thickening or strengthening of micro PPKM, the president directs to make adjustments starting tomorrow (Tuesday) June 22 to July 5, in the next two weeks,” said Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs and Chair of the Committee for Handling Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery Airlangga Hartarto, Monday. (21/6/2021).

One that has been tightened is the provisions for working from home or WFH, to 75% for the red zone and 50-50 for the yellow zone, with the implementation of strict health protocols, shifting working time arrangements.

The purpose of tightening the micro PPKM, among others, is to prevent the spread of the spread of Covid-19, which is raging again. Thus, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 can be suppressed immediately.

Work from Home or WFH is one of the ways that various parties have taken since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia. Many people choose to work from home by taking advantage of the convenience of technology and the internet. Various office work, meetings and coordination are carried out online or online.

Several Indonesian public figures are also adapting and undergoing changes, in their daily activities, working as WFH and in terms of vacations.

Artist Meisya Siregar, in an Instagram post on June 15, 2021, reminded people to strictly adhere to health protocols while on vacation. Not to forget, he encouraged his followers.

“With the news of Covid again dropping sharply … huhuhuuu … May Allah protect you, all of us as a family. Those who are struggling with Covid, have a healthy spirit again!,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, actor Indra Brasco, who owns an event organizer business, admitted that since the beginning of the pandemic he had implemented WFH for all of his employees. Currently, it is relatively loose, but still implementing WFH and coordinating online.

In terms of routine family vacations, Indra Brasco admits that he has not dared to travel far, including abroad, as his family routinely does. But he and his family still vacation in places around Jakarta or vacation in hotels.



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