Because of Russia, NATO forces are on high alert

PHOTO: pixabay Because of the relocation of Russian troops around the border with UkraineNATO has increased the combat readiness of its rapid reaction forces inEurope, with a total of 40,000 people, saidthe German publication Die Welt, quoted by BGNES. As of Monday, the forces in the Joint Task Force must be ready for deployment in […]

Polish soldier injured during the assault on the border by migrants – border guard

Фото: Twitter / Straz Graniczna The victim was treated on the spot Fifty illegal migrants stormed the border from Belarus. They threw stones at the border guards. A Polish soldier was injured while repelling another assault on the Polish-Belarusian border by a group of about 55 migrants. The incident took place on Sunday, December 12th. […]

Radev won because Gerdjikov was 5 years late and now innocently fought for GERB

The most important player, however, was Boyko Rashkov, to whom the liberal right hand forgives everything – from blocking the border with Turkey until entering universities 24 hours before the vote Bulgaria chooses between the university and the barracks, wrote Ivan Stambolov these days, honoring the day of reflection. Well, the choice fell on the […]

4-5 thousand in regular buses delayed with checks on the border with Turkey / Video /

Due to the specialized operation, the bus traffic from Turkey to Bulgaria is paralyzed. With intensified checks, the Bulgarian border services have practically blocked the border with Turkey on “Kapitan Andreevo”. This was announced by readers of “24 Chasa”, who are blocked at the border checkpoint. The reason is a specialized operation against smuggling, which […]

Gyueshevo – no one to clear snow

It is snowing on the way to the Gueshevo border checkpoint, RIA informs. The institution warns drivers to drive with caution on the international road in the section between the checkpoint and the village of Vratsa. A 24 Chasa reporter saw that tonight there was no one to clear the snow that fell on the […]

496 new cases of coronavirus, 8.3% of those tested

496 are the newly diagnosed persons with COVID-19 in our country for the past 24 hours. This is nearly 8.3% of those tested. Those admitted to the hospital crossed the 5,000 mark. The new patients are 542 less than yesterday, but on Sunday only part of the laboratories work. 11.49%, or 57 of the newly […]

Panic among Romanians traveling to Greece

Panic among Romanians traveling to Greece has sparked a statement by the Romanian Foreign Ministry on mandatory border testing for all arrivals, the Ziare website reported, citing BTA. According to the publication, this is a “serious mistake” of the ministry, which announced last night that all tourists arriving in Greece will be subjected to a […]

Out of White House Exile, Trump Looks at the Wall …

loading… WASHINGTON – President United States of America (AS) Donald Trump plans to get out of “exile” on Tuesday (12/1) for the first time since the invasion of the US Capitol, by going to Alamo, Texas. In Texas, Trump will visit the border wall, which is one of his administration’s policy priorities. Trump approved the […]