Flight Tickets ‘Anywhere’ to Watch Supermoon Ludes 2.5 Minutes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Qantas is offering a new “flight to anywhere” that will provide an opportunity for Australians who miss the streets. This trip is done to admire supermoon late May and a full lunar eclipse from a height of over 40,000 feet in the sky.

This tantalizing ticket is said to run out in just 2.5 minutes.

The supermoon flight is the latest in a series of trips operated by Qantas that takes travelers on an exciting journey before returning them back to their places of origin.

Tickets for supermoon flights start at US $ 386 for economy tickets, while business class sells for US $ 1,160.

After the tickets were sold out, a waiting list was also created, but it has been closed. With travel restrictions due to Covid-19, airlines are offering “Flights to everywhere” which allows passengers to board the plane, enjoy the journey, and get off at the same location.

On this trip, passengers are promised to see a spectacular view of the moon, supermoon.

The airline said in a press release that it was working with astronomer Dr. Vanessa Moss for designing “the optimal flight path over the Pacific Ocean.”

Moss will also be present to entertain tourists with facts and insights about the May 26 event, which NASA called a “super blood moon eclipse.”

NASA explains that the “super” part comes from the fact that the full moon will be near its closest orbital position to Earth, which will make it bigger and brighter to the human eye.

From some parts of the world, the moon will appear reddish due to a total lunar eclipse. As the moon passes through the earth’s shadow, the moon will appear darker and redder.

“The red color comes from sunlight filtering through the Earth’s atmosphere – a ring of light created by all the sunrises and sunsets that are happening around our planet at that time,” the NASA website said. CNN.

The US space agency added that the redness of the moon would appear “difficult to predict” because this could also be affected by dust in the atmosphere. The total lunar eclipse, the only one in 2021, must be visible from Australia, New Zealand, parts of the Pacific and the west coast of the US.

For this flight, Qantas chose the Boeing 787 Dreamliner because it has a larger window making it more ideal for gazing at the moon.

The supermoon flight will last three hours, departing Sydney and flying over the city harbor before sailing above the clouds to gaze at the moon and eclipses. However, during the flight, tourists must still wear a mask and maintain social distancing on the plane.

Last October, the Australian airline’s first flight made headlines when initial tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes.

Other airlines also run flights everywhere, including All Nippon Airways, EVA Air and Hong Kong Express. CNN Travel’s Lilit Marcus, who was on the Hong Kong flight, called the return to the sky experience “very emotional”.


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