List of Items You Shouldn’t Leave in the Car

Wallets, bags and medicine are three important items not to be left in the car

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — When traveling using a car and arriving at the destination, some people leave their belongings in parked vehicles. In fact, not all safe items are left just like that.

Leaving certain items in your car for long periods of time can damage them and some of them can be dangerous. Here are a number of items that should be taken when getting out of the car, quoted from the page: Daily Record.

– Wallet/bag

Wallets and bags left in the car can attract thieves to commit crimes. Better to always carry a wallet or bag containing valuables when you get out of the car.

– Drugs

Humidity and high temperatures in cars that are parked for long periods of time can make medicines less effective. As a result, it can potentially lead to a life-threatening situation when medication is needed in an emergency.

– Hand sanitizer

If the hand sanitizer contains alcohol, it is better not to leave it in the car in hot weather to prevent the risk of fire. Not only that, hot weather can also reduce the effectiveness of the product.

– Spectacles

Eyeglass lenses can cause fires if exposed to sunlight, and plastic frames can melt and warp in the heat. Even metal-rimmed glasses can get hot.

– Sunblock

Active ingredients in sunblock can be damaged if exposed to high temperatures while still in the package, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the protection when worn. Preferably, sunscreen is stored in a cool and dry place.



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