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YEAR then before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, it was recorded that 4.5 billion passengers took flights. According to the records The Economist, the international weekly magazine published in the UK, there are no less than 100,000 commercial flights taking place in one day. Those numbers dropped drastically once pademi hit. The decline has never […]

‘Bloody’, Malaysia Airlines Want to Close?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Malaysia Airlines will be closed if its lessor (aircraft charter) decides not to support the airline’s latest restructuring plan. As published by the Singapore media Straits Times, this was conveyed by the CEO of Malaysia Airlines group Izham Ismail in an interview with the weekly media The Edge. “(We) have no […]

airBaltic resumes flights from Riga to nine destinations – Transport and logistics – Financenet

From Monday, airBaltic will resume flights from Riga to Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Prague, Reykjavik, Vienna and Zurich. In total, airBaltic currently offers flights from Riga to 35 destinations in Europe. “We are pleased with the Latvian government’s decision to ease pre-established travel restrictions while maintaining public safety and health as a top priority. […]

US airlines deny flights to 700 passengers for not wearing masks – Abroad – News

Delta Air Lines has added 270 passengers to the “no-fly” list for not wearing masks. It is followed by United Airlines with 150, Spirit Airlines with 128, Frontier Airlines with 106, Alaska Airlines with 78, and Hawaiian Airlines with six such passengers. These lists may overlap. However, the airlines do not share the names of […]

Boeing starts test flights to certify the 737 MAX

28.06.2020 22:14 (Akt. 28.06.2020 22:20) The 737 Max will soon take off again with passengers © WHAT (AFP) The aircraft manufacturer Boeing is allowed to start test flights for the 737 MAX after a one-year ban on take-off. The American aviation authority FAA has now given the green light. According to insiders, pilots and test […]

Airbus cuts thousands of jobs due to corona crisis – corona virus –

29.06.2020 04:53 (Akt. 29.06.2020 04:53) Airbus A380 ©AFP The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus will cut thousands of jobs because of the corona crisis. It is about the “necessary adjustment to the massively reduced production figures,” said CEO Guillaume Faury of the newspaper “Die Welt” (Monday edition). According to him, Airbus will reduce production and deliveries […]

Corona crisis puts Boeing and Airbus in the red – economy –

04/29/2020 17:06 (Act. Apr 29, 2020 5:10 PM) Aviation in severe turbulence © APA (AFP / Getty) The corona crisis is having a major impact on the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing – both made high losses in the first quarter. At Airbus, the bottom line was a loss of EUR 481 million […]