Panic among Romanians traveling to Greece

Panic among Romanians traveling to Greece has sparked a statement by the Romanian Foreign Ministry on mandatory border testing for all arrivals, the Ziare website reported, citing BTA.

According to the publication, this is a “serious mistake” of the ministry, which announced last night that all tourists arriving in Greece will be subjected to a mandatory test for KOVID-19.

The information was refuted today by the Greek Embassy in Bucharest, which clarified that there are no changes in the regime of entry into the country and that rapid antigen testing is applied at border crossings at random on the basis of a software system, as before.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry announced yesterday that anyone arriving in Greece across the land borders, regardless of country of origin, will be tested for KOVID-19 and, if tested positive, will be quarantined for 10 days if not vaccinated, or for 7 days, if any. The measure does not apply to those arriving by plane, the ministry said.

Ziare notes that this is the ministry’s second mistake in a week, after the institution said earlier that Greece no longer accepts antigen tests, which turned out to be incorrect.



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