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Tahiaos: “The country’s railway network is a priority” – 2024-05-05 03:33:14

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for Infrastructure, Nikos Tachiaos, accompanied by ERGOSE executives and representatives of the contractor companies, conducted autopsies at the construction sites of the active contracts concerning the railway network, in Loutraki and Rio.

“The country’s railway network, as stated by the Prime Minister himself, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is a priority”, noted the Deputy Minister during his visit to the construction sites. He pointed out the 15 interventions for the restructuring of the Greek railway, but also the extraordinary financing of the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE S.A.) with an amount of 25 million for the radical renewal and modernization of the Automatic Level Crossing Systems (ASID ) announced by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Staikouras.

At the same time, Mr. Tachiaos emphasized the importance of the railway connection of the Northern part of the Peloponnese with Attica. “The connection will provide alternatives to the movement of residents and will contribute to the development of the areas of the Peloponnese close to Attica.”

In Rio, Nikos Tachiaos visited the construction site of the “Psathopyrgos-Rio-Bozaitika” line. The first part of the project, “Psathopyrgos-Rio”, is executed within the framework of a contract that has been included in the CEF Action 2014-2020, amounting to approximately 70 million euros, with an obligation to complete by 31/12/2025, while additional national resources. The section “Rio-Bozaitika” has been included in the study of the project “Construction of a new double line Rio – Patras” for which a request for funding from the CEF 2 program has been submitted in January 2024.

In Loutraki, the Deputy Minister oversaw the works for the upgrading of the network in the “Isthmus-Loutraki” section and the interconnection of the line with the existing “Acharnon-Kiato” High Speed ​​Railway Line. In the context of the project, infrastructure, superstructure, electromechanical installations, construction of the wharves and renovation and configuration of the buildings and the surrounding areas have already been carried out, which make the percentage of implementation at 50%.

“We are working with a plan to implement the projects that will bring the train safely to the area of ​​Patras and Loutraki. A lot of work is needed in order to regain the trust of our fellow citizens in a means that is an environmentally friendly, fast and economical solution for movement and, at the same time, an important tool for organizing the space, which can contribute to the decongestion of Attica and the quality of life of the residents of it and those of the wider region”, added the Deputy Minister.

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