Triumph Speed ​​Triple RR special edition, the bike of all Bonds

The centenary British brand celebrates six decades on celluloid of the legendary spy created by Ian Fleming. Of this Speed ​​​​Triple RR “Bond Edition”, 60 units will be produced and only one will arrive in Spain. “I am a poet in deeds, not often in words.” The stock is worth a thousand for Ian Fleming. […]

Selling for 40 million: – Bought as a Christmas present for myself

Interest is skyrocketing for Norway’s most expensive used car. Earlier this fall, the hysterical Bugatti Chiron went on sale, for the tidy sum of NOK 39,995,000. ONLY IN NORWAY: So far this is the only one of its kind in Norway. Bengtson Automarin is selling the car for Bugatti Thor owner Aage Pedersen. Finnmarkingen has […]

Car with RFQ Plates Hits 9 Motorcycles in North Jakarta’s Sunter Lake!

Jakarta – The driver of the SH car collided with some motorcycles parked in the Tanjung Priok area, North Jakarta (Jakut). 9 motorbikes were hit. In the video circulating on social media on Thursday (11/24/2022), a man is seen surrounded by a certain number of people. There were also security guards around. “A woman was […]

“Nobody” buys a new diesel car, but they dominate the used market

Now there is a lot of talk about electric cars in the Norwegian car market. We are approaching the 80% share of electric cars, while petrol and diesel-engined cars are hardly sold anymore. This development has been rapid. We won’t go back many years before electric cars were small, weird, and could only travel a […]