“Sexual orientation and gender identity have been pathologized”

The lack of understanding of fathers, mothers and caregivers of diverse adolescents and young people is explained in the tradition that pathologised sexual orientation and gender identity, he pointed out, on La Mula TV, Olga Montero Rose, author of “The rebellion of gender” (Paidos). In the program ‘El Arriero’, Montero Rose said that, in his […]

“There is a lot of misinformation”, deplores the vice-president of the PEEP

Three associations decided to attack the state on Thursday March 2. Family Planning, SOS Homophobia and Sidaction want to force the government to apply the law, which provides for at least three sex education sessions in high school each year. “We see that since 2001 […] this law is not applied”, explained Florence Thune, president […]

the hypothesis of human transmission ruled out by the WHO

Following the death of an infected girl in Cambodia, her father also tested positive. But an investigation reveals that the virus, highly contagious in birds, was not transmitted between humans. The health authorities of Cambodia have ruled out the hypothesis of a transmission of the Avian Flu between human beings, for the case of a […]

OPPO Find X5 Presents Premium Sound With Dolby Atmos Audio

JAN 31, [email protected]:53 ​​WIB | 87 views Whether watching movies and series or playing games, everyone is now doing it on a smartphone. Of course, these entertainment activities will be maximized with the sound output from the best audio. Seeing this phenomenon, Oppo also moved quickly by cooperating with Dolby to produce quality sound in […]

Tesla launches a Cybertruck-inspired wireless charger

23 DEC [email protected]:00 WIB | 34 Views Tesla just unveiled its latest product today, and that product is a new wireless charger whose design is inspired by the futuristic Cybertruck. According to the EV manufacturer’s official description which reads, “Inspired by the edgy design and metallic styling of the Cybertruck.” In other words, the best-known […]