The biggest mistakes of European car manufacturers. What the first and only amphibious car looks like

Saturday 03 December 2022, 21:30

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European car manufacturers are responsible for some of the most beautiful and spectacular automobiles ever created. However, that doesn’t mean that everything they’ve done in terms of vehicles is also worthy of praise.

“There are many examples where Europeans have failed miserably as car manufacturers,” according to an analysis conducted by car specialists But let’s see what this ranking looks like and what the experts on the subject explain.

Amphicar Model 770 – the amphibious car

“The Amphicar Model 770 is exactly the child that would be born if a boat and a car could have children. As an idea, the Amphicar Model 770 wasn’t a totally wrong concept because it floated beautifully on water, but it just looked terrible.

In 1960, Hans Trippel thought about how to solve the problem of boat owners who wanted to drive their boats from home to the lake and found the solution in the form of an automobile with a boat-shaped body made of fiberglass and with a the engine triumph of 1.1 liters generating 43 bhp.

All of this proved sufficient to create an auto-boat that reached a top speed of only 13 kilometers on water and 112 kilometers on land.

On the other hand, over the course of 7 years, sales of this amphibious car have reached the number of 3,878 specimens, which is not so bad for its forms that we, at least, cannot easily surpass”, according to the classification .

BMW Z1 – the car with the big nose and retractable doors

BMW’s reputation for building the best cars is legendary, with a few exceptions along the way. However, in 1989, and for just two years, BMW went on a wild ride and created the Z1, which, unsurprisingly, failed to match even an iota of the success of its pit mates.

Under its prominent nose, this car hid a six-cylinder engine cylindersof 2.5 litres, which generated 168 bhp and promised a top speed of 218 kilometers per hour.

And with this performance, if the nose had been the only detail out of the ordinary, perhaps we could have overlooked the unfortunate design, but we don’t know why, BMW thought it would be a brilliant idea to realize that the doors of this car disappear into thin air at the push of a button.

And they did, only they didn’t impress anyone, and in 1991 the Z1 faded into obscurity. Better for everyone.

Lamborghini LM002 – the military car that even soldiers don’t like

This time we’re talking more about a supercar that thinks it’s a truck or something. Lamborghini created this model for the Italian military, but the military clearly and emphatically said no, and therefore they had no choice but to turn to ordinary drivers.

From some points of view it might seem tempting to drive a vehicle with a V12 engine, but the weight and above all the maintenance costs of an LM002 were not exactly to everyone’s liking, so after so many efforts Lamborghini failed to sell only 328 copies of this model and then went bankrupt.

Peugeot 1007 – the car with sliding doors after which no one has time to wait for them to open

Peugeot 1007 was a sedan small three-door with room for four adults. However, Peugeot’s idea of ​​tackling tight parking spaces with sliding doors turned this little car into a complete failure. How come? Because no one had to wait so long in the car or out front for the doors to open.

“The Peugeot 1007 lasted until 2009 in various forms, but sales were poor and in the end the manufacturers had to admit they were wrong and went back to the idea of ​​normal doors when they created this model’s successor, namely say the Peugeot 107”, concluded those of

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