These are all the municipalities that have to activate the Limited Traffic Zones this year

As of this Sunday, January 1, municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants must implement the so-called Low emission zones (ZBE), in accordance with the new climate change law. With this regulation, Municipalities can ban cars that pollute the most from entering the urban area of ​​cities to reduce pollution. Related news According to the new […]

Madrid car label | Cars that will not be able to enter Madrid from next January 1st

S Restricted traffic areas of Madrid (360) has already been in force since the beginning of this year 2022. A plan that is progressively advancing and will continue to advance in the coming years. Tightening of restrictions and driving bans based on labels. Since January 2022, the unlabelled car (A) it is forbidden to enter […]

CEs 2023: AMD unveiled XDNA design

The company is also attacking the machine learning market with new accelerators, and Magic Leap 2 is also being served. At CES, in addition to processors, system chips and graphics controllers, AMD also paid attention to more professional needs, and within this, machine learning came to the fore. The company mainly highlighted the XDNA architecture, […]

Yamaha NMAX is officially injected to death, the attention-grabbing NMAX Predator model appears The old Yamaha NMAX was officially phased out and replaced by Yamaha NMAX Connected, the NMAX Predator appeared at Yamaha dealerships. THE ENGINE – The engine Automatic Yamaha NMAX extension officially appeared euthanasia, that is, the cessation of production NMAX extension The predator causes a stir. Shocking news for Yamaha NMAX extension finally […]

List of motorcycles fatally shot in Indonesia for all of 2022

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia — There were several models at this time of year motorcycle no longer made in Indonesia. The production of these motorcycles was stopped due to many factors, starting from intense competition, major decisions, to the fact that the product was judged no longer to live up to market expectations. Below is a […]

Tesla launches a Cybertruck-inspired wireless charger

23 DEC [email protected]:00 WIB | 34 Views Tesla just unveiled its latest product today, and that product is a new wireless charger whose design is inspired by the futuristic Cybertruck. According to the EV manufacturer’s official description which reads, “Inspired by the edgy design and metallic styling of the Cybertruck.” In other words, the best-known […]