Interested in Buying a Used BMW for Young Years? This is the Price List

Jakarta – Car enthusiasts Used BMW still high amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially the younger years, BMW Astra Used Car – The official dealer of BMW used cars – said that sales of used BMW cars were not affected by the Corona virus pandemic. “The prospects for the future are very good. We have not […]

Rp. 60 million used cars at auction halls, Xenia, Avanza, and BMW all pages

JAKARTA, – Used car is still an alternative for people who want to buy a four-wheeled vehicle in the middle pandemic Covid-19. For the price options, consumer prefer a used vehicle with price affordable. As used car which is sold for Rp. 60 million. Right now, get on used car with a price of […]

Be careful not to buy a used car with an electronic ticket

JAKARTA, – Even though it is still in a Covid-19 pandemic condition, sales used car towards the end of the year began to crawl up. For those who are looking for a used car, it’s better not to be too passionate when choosing a unit. Make sure the car is in really good condition, […]

Kijang Innova, Jazz to Calya Seken, Mobkas, a budget option of IDR 80 million Used Honda Jazz illustration – For those who want to buy right now used car but only have a budget of around Rp. 80 million, Innova, Jazz up Calya can be an interesting option. But of course, in terms of relative years, it includes the old years, the average age of use is […]

Cheap SUV menu for IDR 70 million, get CR-V and X-Trail all pages

JAKARTA, – Sport Utility Vehicle ( SUV) be a model car which received attention in the Indonesian market. Because this type of car can meet all the needs of Indonesian drivers and passengers with high ground clearance and a large cabin. If we discuss it more deeply, the new prices of SUVs tend to […]

Tire pressure sensors. What they are and how they work – Garage – Car

TV Auto news advises Raivo PaĆĄkausks, a member of the board of Autofirma Raivo, a Bosch Car Service network company: How is the tire pressure monitored and what are the specifics of the sensors? This can be pressure measurement by the direct method or from ABS sensors. Despite the cost, the direct method is more […]