Spending nearly one million yuan to live in a villa… Parents saved so much that they packed “unused toothpaste” and even tied a broom to them to take away | International | CTWANT

Parents are so economical that they even take the broom with them. (Picture / Reposted from Douyin / Mr. Wolf) A man surnamed Li from mainland China took his parents to Sanya for vacation a few days ago. Unexpectedly, when his parents were going home, they would even take away unused toothpaste and sauces, and […]

Selling for 40 million: – Bought as a Christmas present for myself

Interest is skyrocketing for Norway’s most expensive used car. Earlier this fall, the hysterical Bugatti Chiron went on sale, for the tidy sum of NOK 39,995,000. ONLY IN NORWAY: So far this is the only one of its kind in Norway. Bengtson Automarin is selling the car for Bugatti Thor owner Aage Pedersen. Finnmarkingen has […]

Bargaining on a used car: how to make the best purchase

Right now it’s Black Friday and Black Week all over Norway. But there is little of it on the used car market. A quick search on Finn.no shows that only about 250 cars are included in the Black Week deal. No one is tagged with Black Friday. This means that you must, to a large […]

“Nobody” buys a new diesel car, but they dominate the used market

Now there is a lot of talk about electric cars in the Norwegian car market. We are approaching the 80% share of electric cars, while petrol and diesel-engined cars are hardly sold anymore. This development has been rapid. We won’t go back many years before electric cars were small, weird, and could only travel a […]

It was a bestseller for several years, now it is disappearing from Norway

It first appeared in 1997 and was unlike anything else on four wheels. Guaranteed an informed choice of Toyota. We are talking about the Prius model. The first hybrid car. And therefore the environmental car. A hybrid powertrain using a battery pack, electric motor and energy regeneration was a groundbreaking and innovative environmental technology 25 […]

It has received harsh criticism: now they are doing a real U-turn

The automotive industry is good at innovating and development has never been as fast as it is now. But sometimes innovations aren’t for the best – and a step forward can mean a step back. VW itself experimented with exactly this with the tactile buttons on the steering wheel. Now they need to be replaced […]

NAF warns: you risk paying too much

Rising electricity prices have made it more expensive to charge the electric car at home. Prices for fast charging and flash have also gone up a lot this fall. This means that it is extremely important to be aware of how you are loading your car. At most electric car charging points, you will find […]