Pyongyang accuses US of ‘double standards’

North Korea accused the United States of practicing “Two weights, two measures” about weapons testing, North Korean state media reported Thursday (October 21st) after an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the issue. Read alsoKim Jong-un’s big leap back in North Korea Pyongyang fired a new strategic sea-to-surface ballistic missile (SLBM) on Tuesday, […]

North Korea confirms launch of ballistic missile from submarine

loading… SEOUL – North Korea (North Korea) says it has done trials ballistic missile new from submarine (SLBM). This was reported by North Korean state media, Wednesday (20/10/2021), a day after authorities in South Korea and Japan detected a weapons test. “The new type of SLBM was launched from the same submarine that was involved […]

The form of the parachutists of the DPRK reminded Captain America

Photo: KCNA Kim Jong-un with military parachutists The North Korean paratrooper caught the attention of journalists after a photo with Kim Jong-un. The new paratrooper uniform of the Korean People’s Army Air Force has been compared to the superhero costume from the comics, writes Reuters agency. The North Korean paratrooper drew the attention of journalists […]

Coronavirus vaccination has not started in three countries – WHO / GORDON

We are talking about two countries in eastern Africa – Burundi and Eritrea, as well as North Korea. “About half of the rest of the countries have limited supplies. They have a vaccination program, but there is not enough vaccine to accelerate and achieve the intended goal,” the message said. According to WHO, 56 countries […]

North Korean Soldiers in Tight Blue Uniforms Shock Netizens

Pyongyang – A soldier North Korea caught the attention of netizens because his appearance was the most striking among other soldiers. While the others wore brown military uniforms in general, he alone wore a unique, tight blue uniform. The ‘weird’ soldier stood with about 30 soldiers with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who also […]

North Korean Soldiers Perform Extreme Attractions in Front of Kim Jong-Un

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A shirtless soldier shatters two glass bottles at once, performing extreme stunts in the presence of the Leader North Korea Kim Jong-un. Not only that, the man was lying in the rubble. Next, his partner placed a thick block of concrete on the man’s chest and crushed him with a sledgehammer. […]

The DPRK military showed how they break concrete with their heads

Photo: screenshot Special Forces of the DPRK The fighters demonstrated in front of Kim Jong-un their skills of lying on broken glass and breaking concrete with their hands. At a military exhibition in Pyongyang, North Korean special forces demonstrated their ability to smash bricks and bend iron bars with their fists. The corresponding video was […]

North Korea and China Make Military Systems More Mysterious

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — North Korea and China announced the two of them created an increasingly mysterious military system. North Korea claims to make military power invisible. Meanwhile, China is reportedly making efforts to make its submarines more difficult to detect. North Korean President Kim Jong-un said it was important to develop this invisible military […]

Nuclear Weapons for Self-Defense, Not to Start War

loading… SEOUL – Leader North Korea (Jewelry), Kim Jong-un , vowed to build an invincible military in the face of hostile policies United States of America (US). He added that the development of weapons was for self-defense, not for starting wars. Kim made the remarks at a rare defense exhibition, the 2021 Self-Defense exhibition held […]