rewrite this title Hours of Mercadona, El Corte Inglés and Carrefour | The special hours of the supermarkets on the December bridge: what days are Mercadona, Consum, Lidl or Carrefour open?

Thursday, December 1, 2022 He December bridge 2022 leaves two holidays during the week, something that does not happen as a usual norm. We are used to long weekends of up to 5 holidays (usually from Wednesday to Sunday or from Saturday to Wednesday) with a single working day in between, but this year the […]

Novinky: Křetínský Emerges as the Leading Stakeholder of French Chain

Fnac Darty is a retail chain that sells books, music and electronics. French average reported on the development about a week after the media conglomerate Vivendi announced exclusive negotiations with one of the companies of the Cretan Empire on the sale of the Editis publishing house, which is the second largest in France. At the […]

Aldi announces the opening of a new store in Dénia

Aldi announces the opening of a new store in DéniaSimon Garcia Aldi reinforces its expansion plan in Spain with the opening of a new supermarket in Dénia on November 16. Located on the Ondara-Dénia highway, the new establishment will be the second that Aldi opens in the town and will have a sales room of […]

‘Absurd winter’ leads to very expensive (or no) cauliflower | Economy

18 feb 2023 om 05:04 One of the most popular vegetables, cauliflower, has increased in price in many stores and is sometimes not for sale. Prices are rising towards 4 or even 7 euros, while a euro or 2 is usual. Due to disappointing weather this winter, cauliflowers from Spain are hardly available, importers and […]

Packaging-free supermarket Pieter Pot in financial trouble | Economy

Door onze economieredactie 16 feb 2023 om 08:29Update: 11 minuten geleden Pieter Pot, an online supermarket that sells products without packaging, is in financial trouble. Shareholders warn suppliers of impending bankruptcy in a letter to suppliers. After the corona crisis, sales volumes at Pieter Pot did not grow sufficiently. If the packaging-free supermarket cannot reach […]

Jumbo fails to raise record revenue flag after ‘eventful year’

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 10:24 Supermarket chain Jumbo had an eventful year, but there was little evidence of that in stores. For the first time, the company had a turnover of over 10 billion euros, partly helped by high inflation. Turnover is approximately 3.7% higher than the previous year. The chain has been in the news […]

Fewer supermarkets open on New Year’s Eve than last year | Economy

The number of supermarkets opening their doors on New Year’s Eve hasn’t increased for the first time in years, it seems Numbers from 40 percent of supermarkets are open on January 1, up from 46 percent last year. According to, this could be because New Year’s Eve falls on a Sunday in 2023. […]