Explosion in Kandahar: death toll rises to 62

Photo: Wikimedia Commons Explosion in Kandahar mosque: death toll rises to 62 There were four suicide bombers in the mosque during Friday prayers, witnesses to the incident say. In Kandahar, Afghanistan, death toll from explosion in a shiite mosque increased to 62. About this informs Daily Sabah Friday 15 October. Bakhtar news agency writes that […]

In Somalia, suicide bomber blew up a cafe with visitors

Photo: aa.com.tr Place of terrorist attack The explosion killed at least five people. Six are injured. Nobody claimed responsibility for the attack. In the center of the Somali capital Mogadishu, a suicide bomber in a cafe detonated an explosive device. At the time of the terrorist attack, there were visitors in the room, writes Shabelle […]

Taliban send thousands of suicide bombers to Tajikistan border region – media

We are talking about the Afghan province of Takhor bordering Tajikistan. The fighters of the Army of Mansuri of the Islamic Emirate were sent “to eliminate security threats and other potential threats,” Mujahid said. According to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, we are talking about the suicide fighters, of which the so-called “Army of […]

Cruel drama at the age of 22 Irena froze Burgas!

A 22-year-old woman from Burgas attempted suicide by throwing herself from the 3rd floor, writes Flagman.bg. The drama took place late last night – around 22:00 in the second entrance of block 57 in Bratya Miladinovi. She jumped from the mezzanine window and fell on the canopy over the front door of the block. The […]

Head of RT Reveals Suicide Bombers rarely socialize since marriage

MAKASSAR, KOMPAS.TV – After the search, the house of the bomber at the Makassar Cathedral Church was immediately set up by the police. Meanwhile, according to the head of the local RT, the perpetrator was known to have started to rarely hang out with neighbors after getting married last year. To meet their daily needs, […]

Suicide bomber at Terror-affiliated cathedral church in the Philippines

MAKASSAR, KOMPAS.com – National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that the Police had succeeded in identifying suicide bomber in front of the cathedral church Makassar, South Sulawesi. According to Listyo, one of the perpetrators with the initials L. The perpetrator is affiliated with a terrorist network that carried out a suicide bombing in […]