Deputy head of the protest against the green certificate in Burgas (Updated)

Nearly 200 people gathered in front of the RHI Burgas building to protest against the green certificate and vaccines. Photos: Elena Foteva The regional governor Prof. Maria Neykova: I categorically differ from his actions Deputy the regional governor of Burgas Asen Bondzhev, who was appointed by the caretaker Minister Stefan Yanev. in June, led a […]

The whole network is talking about those Burgas policemen who … PHOTO

Burgas police officers tried to help a stranded driver on the busy Todor Alexandrov Blvd. Ivan Ivanov, administrator of the group “Drive in Burgas”, happened to witness a good gesture, “Flagman” writes. “I saw that the car had broken down. I stopped right after it, I went to ask what they needed. A police patrol […]

Cruel drama at the age of 22 Irena froze Burgas!

A 22-year-old woman from Burgas attempted suicide by throwing herself from the 3rd floor, writes The drama took place late last night – around 22:00 in the second entrance of block 57 in Bratya Miladinovi. She jumped from the mezzanine window and fell on the canopy over the front door of the block. The […]

Solution with the missing girl on the beach in Burgas VIDEO

After nearly an hour of operation to search for a missing 6-year-old girl on the North Beach in Burgas, it was found. Iva was found about a kilometer and a half from the place where she played with her cousins, reports Flagman bg. At around 4 pm, the commotion around the 4th post became serious […]

Blonde babe with big breasts and Brazilian ass did something disgusting in Burgas VIDEO

A young, blond and good-looking woman with big breasts and a Brazilian ass picked up a bicycle from a residential building in the Meden Rudnik residential area, reports Flagman bg. The victim, Alexander A., ​​distributed footage from the security camera, which showed that the lady, who was 25-26 years old, entered, carefully examined the two […]

A brutal head-on melee by the Ropotamo River took its toll! PHOTO

A driver, injured in a severe head-on accident near Primorsko, died in an ambulance on his way to Burgas, informs “Flagman”. The accident between a car and a bus happened about an hour ago in the area of ​​the bridge on the Ropotamo River near Primorsko, the OD of the Ministry of Interior in Burgas […]

Have you seen Martin? Relatives are looking for him under a tree and stone PHOTO

Relatives are looking for a young man from Burgas who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The 21-year-old Martin was last seen getting into a taxi from Meden Rudnik on Saturday at midnight, from where he had to get to the South bus station and travel to the capital. His sister, Gabriela, has been trying to contact […]