New York: Planned attack in Manhattan – police arrest terror suspects

foreign countries New York Attack planned in Manhattan – police arrest terror suspects Published on 06/07/2019 | Reading time: 2 minutes Possible target: Times Square is visited by hundreds of thousands of people every day Source: dpa / Richard Drew He reportedly extolled Osama bin Laden and wondered how best to kill people in Times […]

Hamburg: students defend terror of Paris – News Inland

Hamburg – Terror downplaying in German schools! On October 16, an 18-year-old Islamist beheaded the French teacher Samuel Paty († 47) for showing a caricature of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in class. A barbaric crime near Paris, in the heart of Europe. Photo: private “data-zoom-src =” jpg “/> Murdered for showing Mohammed cartoons: teacher […]

Vienna: Trump, stop to terrorist acts – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 3 – “The terrorist attacks must stop”. Thus the US president, Donald Trump, expresses his condolences after the attack in Vienna. “Our prayers for the Viennese after yet another cowardly terrorist act in Europe. These evil attacks on innocent people – continues Trump – must stop. The United States stands alongside […]

Armed Terrorists Roam Vienna, Special Forces …

loading… FAULT – Domestic Minister Austria Karl Nehammer said that the special forces were on the hunt the terrorist suspects who carried out attacks at six locations at Fault. Nehammer described the heavily armed and dangerous assailants still roaming the capital. “We have assembled several special forces units which are now hunting for suspected terrorists,” […]

After the beheading of the head teacher, France closes a mosque in Paris

loading… PARIS – French ordered the temporary closure of a mosque outside Paris on Tuesday (20/10/2020). This decision was part of a crackdown on Muslims who incited hatred after beheading of a teacher which shows karikatur Nabi Muhammad in his class. The Grand Mosque of Pantin, located in a low-income suburb of the capital’s northeastern […]

Teachers Beheaded for Cartoons of the Prophet Received Legion Award …

loading… PARIS – Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old history teacher beheaded in terror attack last week, posthumously will get the highest award French. This was expressed by the French Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer. Blanquer said Paty would get France’s top award, the “Legion d’Honneur”, as quoted by Reuters, Tuesday (20/10/2020). The Légion d’honneur or Order […]

Teacher Beheaded for Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, French Imam: We …

loading… PARIS – An imam of a mosque on the outskirts of Paris, French, apologized while paying tribute in front of the campus beheaded history and geography teacher at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. The victim was beheaded by an 18-year-old man after performing Prophet Muhammad cartoon to students in the discussion on freedom of expression in class. “We […]

Teacher’s Tail Beheaded for Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, 4 Students Detained

loading… PARIS – Four students were detained by police French on suspicion of helping that man beheading the teacher. The teacher named Samuel Paty, 47, was beheaded by an 18 year old man after the victim demonstrated Prophet Muhammad cartoon to students in the discussion on freedom of expression in class. The perpetrator of the […]