The National Police Chief said that the Makassar Suicide Bombers left behind a will for his parents

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The suicide bomber of the Makasar Cathedral Church, South Sulawesi left a will for his parents.

This was conveyed by the Chief of Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo at a press conference in Makassar, Monday (29/3/2021)

One of the perpetrators with the initials L said goodbye to his parents and admitted that he was ready to die.

“We need to inform you that Brother L left a will to his parents saying that he was saying goodbye and was ready to die,” said National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit.

L did the action with his wife with the initials YSF and got married 6 months ago.

Both are part of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah which is affiliated with a similar demonstration at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Jolo, Southern Philippines.

“Brother L and YSF a few months ago, to be exact, they were married off by Rifaldi for six months, who was arrested in January,” said Sigit.

It is known that L and YSF carried out a suicide bombing at the gate of the Cathedral Church on Jalan Kajaolalido, MH Thamrin, Makassar City, Sunday (28/3) Morning.

A total of 20 people including security wounds and are undergoing treatment.

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