China certifies almost 60,000 deaths from Covid since it began to remove restrictions

The China National Sanitary Commission announced this Saturday a total of 59,938 deaths related to covid-19 between last December 8, when the authorities began to relax the restrictions they maintained against the pandemic, and January 12 of this year. According to agency officials, the average age of the deceased registered in medical centers was 80.3 […]

Baden-Württemberg: Christmas tree season begins |

Around 2.5 million Christmas trees are sold in Baden-Württemberg every year. announcement „Christmas trees they are inextricably linked in our cultural memory with the most contemplative time of the year. Many families start the Christmas season with the purchase of a Christmas tree. While young trees were taken from the forest, Christmas trees today come […]

SLS launch vehicle with Orion launched to the Moon

The Space Launch System (SLS) super heavy-duty launch vehicle has lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida. As part of the Artemis 1 mission, the rocket launches the Orion spacecraft into an unmanned orbit around the Moon. The launch is broadcast on website NASA. The SLS rocket was launched at 01:51 local time (9:51 Moscow time) […]

The vice president of Turkey: a woman committed the terrorist act in Istanbul

The Vice President of Turkey Fuat Oktai reported that they thought the explosion for a terrorist act committed by a woman, cited by the Turkish media. He said the number of people injured in the blast had risen to 81. So far, six people have been reported dead. “Whoever is behind these events, the investigation […]

Criminal proceedings against Trump companies have begun in New York

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – A lawsuit against the group of companies of the same name, long led by former US President Donald Trump, for tax fraud has begun in New York. The proceedings in Manhattan began Monday with the selection of twelve jurors, as reported unanimously by the US media. Last year, the Manhattan District […]

LEONINE Studios launches YouTube marketing agency under the Home of Talents label

Munich (ots) – – Digital expert Johannes Schmidbauer will lead the internal marketing agency– Home of Talents stands for a high quality range of select channels with high coverage from the best publishers and creators in premium content environments and 100% brand security– Mediaplus Germany is the first agency to include Home of Talents in […]