Discover your Presence in the 2023 Offering through Video

Las 2023 glitch they are already history. The cremà has put an end to record-breaking parties in all aspects. One of the most emotional moments of the festival was once again the Offering to the Virgen de los Desamparados, which was held on Friday and Saturday. Throughout these two long days, thousands of falleras and […]

Expert Spotlights Toilet Debris Behind Riko Not Charged with Premeditated Murder

Jakarta – Riko (23) kill ex-boyfriend, Elisa Siti Mulyani (21), sadistically in the bushes in Pandeglang, Banten. Riko was also charged with Article 338 with a penalty of 15 years in prison. Forensic Psychologist Reza Indra Giri also highlighted the application of Article 338 to Riko. He also highlighted the police’s explanation that the perpetrator […]

Attorney Calls Wahidin Halim Reported to Police about Throwing a Sack of Cobras

attack – Former lawyer Governor of Banten Wahidin Halim, Rasyid Hidayat, admitted reporting the incident of throwing a sack of cobras at his client’s private house in Tangerang, Banten. Rasyid said he went to the Tangerang Metro Police. “I reported it earlier, the police went straight to this TKP, investigated everything on CCTV. Hopefully it […]

Trying the Pansela Path: A Winding Road Splitting the Forest

Jakarta – South Coast Path (Panel) is the main route for going home on the island of Java along with two other routes, namely the northern Java route (Pantura) and the central Java route. What is the condition of the Pansela Route in Banten Province? detikcom has the opportunity to go through several channels Panel […]

La Nación / They estimate a lower exportable supply of beef for 2023

According to a published report, complicated prospects are expected for the meat supply chain for next year due to the fact that there would be less exportable supply. This scenario will not improve even with the accompaniment of a favorable climate, they indicated. The Rosario Stock Exchange in Argentina unveiled a report based on US […]

Seconds of a car falling into the sea at Merak, Banten due to negligent officers

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia — A Daihatsu minibus fell overboard as it was about to board the Shalem ferry at pier 2 Merak harbour, BantenFriday (24/12) evening. According to Banten Police Public Relations Chief Kombes Shinto Silitonga, the incident happened around 10pm WIB. He said that according to the initial investigation the accident occurred due to […]