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Religion and Moral Culture Campaign Organized by Indian Islahi Centers in Saudi Eastern Province

Dammam: Saudi Eastern Ministry on ‘Religion and Moral Culture’ Campaign organized under the auspices of Indian Islahi Centers Starting with Dammam Islamic Center under Saudi Islamic Ministry In the conference which was held in three sessions at the Ral Centre, The scientific conference on the importance of Islam to Tunna Sirajul Islam Balushery (UAE) led the team.

Usama bin Faisal Madini delivered the introductory speech. Islamic Cultural Center Malayalam Department Head Abdul Ja Bbar Abdullah Madini inaugurated the conference. They were driven out of Palestine and ruled for decades. They deny the rights of those people by performing sham and exterminate them. Regarding the actions of Jewish Zionists who are trying to Lanam strongly condemned. Persecution of Prophet Muhammad and his followers by enemies The story of the flight from Makkah to Madinah Explaining the positions to be adopted by Ramapetuthi believers On ‘What Al Aqsa Tells Us’ Abdul Jabbar Abdu Lla Madini delivered the lecture.

In the second session, Eng. N.V. Muhammad Salim spoke. Dammam Indian Islamic Center Preacher Sarfaraz Madini Amukhabha Shaman was done. In the concluding session, the theme of the campaign ‘Math Dharmikata Sanskaram’ was explained. Sirajul Islam delivered the keynote speech. Jubai on the Islamic Etiquettes to Follow in Replies Indian Islamic Center preacher Abdu Subhan Swalahi spoke at .

Arshad bin Hamza delivered the introductory speech. About the objectives of the campaign and the various parties who will be part of it. He also explained about the songs. Naushad Qasim (Dammam), Kaitail Impichi Koya (Dammam), Abdul Mannan (Ju Bail) and Fakhruddin (Alkhobar) controlled it.

Women and children from different regions of the Saudi Eastern Province Hundreds of people participated.

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