OL will face Chambéry in the round of 16

The draw took place on Sunday evening. Now we know the posters of the sixteenth finals of the Coupe de France. Toulouse will face Ajaccio, Les Herbiers will welcome Reims, and then OL will face club National 3, Chambéry. An unprecedented derby for the Lyonnais. The full draw: Stade Plabennecois (National team) – Grenoble Foot […]

There are two expansions coming to Eve Online this year | News block

Two more Uprising bounties for the year ahead EVA online expansion planned – CCP Games has revealed the MMORPG’s 2023 schedule, the Uprising expansion made significant changes last year, so we’re curious to see what the Icelandic developers are up to. CCP Games is yet to announce details of upcoming expansions, but they are planned […]

NASA publishes a new image of the Earth

NASA’s recently launched NOAA-21 satellite has captured an image of Earth, which experts hope will provide vital information about our planet’s oceans, atmosphere and land, according to a report from RT. But as well as providing a new global perspective on Earth from space, the image is just the start of a new science mission […]

Indonesia’s first nano satellite takes off! The work of Indonesian students, Lho

Jakarta – nanosatellite The first made in Indonesia was successfully launched on Friday (6/1) from the International Space Station (ISS). The satellite called Surya Satelit 1 or SS-1 is the work of the nation’s children of Surya University. This nano satellite measures 10x10x11.35cm and weighs 1-1.3kg. Later, the SS-1 will function as APRS (Automatic Package […]

Differences between meteoroids, meteorites and meteorites that need to be known

Sonora.ID – Are you one of those people who have trouble distinguishing between meteoroids, Meteor And Meteorite? If so, check out this article in its entirety to find out some of the differences. For some people, learning about space planning is a lot of fun. He can know various things that are inside space it […]

The expert finds the “ghost light” of Wild Stars

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia — Bintan usually tied to a particular galaxy. But experts have recently discovered ‘light ghosts of unbound galactic stars. The spectral light comes from stars that are not gravitationally bound to a single galaxy or cluster. Launching the official NASA website, the existence of these no-one stars is known through images conducted […]