Chinese people infected with new coronavirus, dissatisfaction with regulations at the highest levels for the first time in six months | Reuters

China’s National Health Commission announced on November 4 that 3,871 new community-acquired coronavirus cases were registered on the 3rd, the highest number since the beginning of May. This photo was taken at an inspection site in Lanzhou, China on June 20, 2022. REUTERS / cnsphoto BEIJING (Reuters) – China reported 3,871 new community-acquired coronavirus cases … Read more

Norway Raises Military Alert Level for Russian Invasion of Ukraine | Reuters

On the 31st, Norwegian Prime Minister Storre announced that the alert level of the Norwegian army will be increased from 1 November in order to strengthen security after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (2022 REUTERS / Saul Loeb) OSLO (Reuters) – Norwegian Prime Minister Storre said Thursday that the country will increase its level of … Read more

Nord Stream attack, British navy involved = Russian Defense Ministry | Reuters

The Russian Defense Ministry said on October 29 that British navy officials had blown up the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 submarine pipelines carrying Russian natural gas to Germany last month. The photo shows the gas escaping from the NordSleet 2 rising to the surface. Taken in September. Provided by the Danish Ministry … Read more

EU incorporates support for Ukraine into the 2023 budget | Reuters

EU finance ministers have agreed to integrate Ukraine aid into the EU budget for 2023 to make spending more systematic and predictable, European Commission Vice-President Dombrovskis said. REUTERS / Yves Herman / photo file BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU finance ministers agreed on Wednesday to integrate EU aid to Ukraine into the 2023 budget to make … Read more

US President Biden Calls On Businesses To Abolish Taxes And Reduce Prices Due To High Inflation | Reuters

On September 26, US President Joe Biden called on gas station operators, banks and mobile phone companies to abolish tariffs or reduce prices in consideration of consumers facing high prices. Photo taken in the White House on the same day in 2022. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden on Thursday … Read more

Former Chinese Minister of Justice Sentenced to Death with Suspended Execution for Corruption Part of Purge | Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) – Former justice minister and senior public security official Fu Zhenghua (pictured) was sentenced to life in prison on bribery charges. FILE PHOTO: Beijing in January 2011 (Reuters, 2022) [北京 22日 ロイター] – Chinese state media reported on the 22nd that Fu Zhenghua, a former justice minister and senior public security official, was … Read more

Info Box: Withdrawal in Northeastern Ukraine, Putin’s Next Move | Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet publicly commented on the rapid withdrawal of Russian forces in northeastern Ukraine. However, national nationalist forces are pushing to regain control of the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin (pictured) has not yet publicly commented on the rapid withdrawal of Russian forces in northeastern Ukraine. FILE … Read more

Angle: wave of assassinations in the Amazonian hinterland, drug trafficking and environmental criminal offense mix | Reuters

[Rio de Janeiro, 29, Fondazione Thomson Reuters]- Tabatinga, a town in the westernmost part of Brazil, in the Amazon basin. The prison walls are scratched by drug traffickers and half of the cells are occupied by associates of a prison gang battling for the cocaine trade. Not long ago, the range of murders in this … Read more