Twitter Suspends Paid Provision of ‘Authentication Badges’ Due to Rapid Rise of Fake Accounts | Reuters

On the 11th, Twitter temporarily suspended registration for its new “Twitter Blue” service, which provides a paid “verified badge” that indicates that the account belongs to the user. Reuters/Dado Ruvic/Illustration in August 2022 [11日 ロイター] – On the 11th, Twitter in the United States temporarily suspended registration for its new “Twitter Blue” service, which provides … Read more

FTX virtual currency, bankruptcy law application resigns as CEO of Bankman Fried | Reuters

[11日 ロイター] – FTX, a cryptocurrency (virtual currency) exchange company, announced on the 11th that it had filed for Section 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (equivalent to the Japanese Civil Rehabilitation Act). Chief Executive Sam Bankman-Fried resigned. Cryptocurrency (virtual currency) exchange company FTX announced on the 11th that it will enforce Section 11 … Read more

US CPI like this: at the turning point of the recession of excessive inflationary concerns, the mood of the stock price to a minimum = Mr. Ide, Nissay Basic Research Institute | Reuters

[Tokyo 11° Reuters]- The US Consumer Price Index (CPI) fell below market expectations to the 7% level, which led to a rise in US stock prices. Stock prices have been trending down this year due to inflation concerns, but this could be a game changer. Rice prices are expected to stabilize further in November. The … Read more

Russia intends to make Kherson a “city of death” = Ukrainian government official | Reuters

Kherson, chief adviser to the office of the president of Ukraine, said on November 10 that Russian forces were planning to mine southern Kherson and then bomb it after their withdrawal, hoping to turn the city into a “city of death”. FILE PHOTO: Kiev October 2022. REUTERS / Anna Voitenko [キーウ 10日 ロイター] – Ukrainian … Read more

East Elek Expects Strong Decline In Profits During This Period Semiconductor Manufacturers Postpone Investments | Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) – Tokyo Electron said Thursday it lowered its consolidated operating profit forecast for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023 to 546 billion yen, down 8.9% from the year. previous one. Earnings are expected to rise 19.5% to 716 billion yen, but earnings are expected to decline. In addition to the impact of … Read more

Focus: US mid-term elections, “red wave” hindered the issue of abortion and the presence of Trump | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – For Georgia’s Nielsens, economic fears were not the deciding factor in voting behavior in mid-term elections. Rather, he stressed the protection of the right to abortion and the prevention of the election of a candidate who would have given impetus to former President Trump. “If some people wanted me to vote Republican, … Read more

US mid-term elections, majority vote not decided in both chambers Biden evaluates the good democratic fight | Reuters

[アルファレッタ(米ジョージア州)/フェニックス(米アリゾナ州) 9日 ロイター] – In the US mid-term elections, which took place on the 8th, the Republican Party lost momentum compared to initial expectations, while the Democrats are doing well. The majority in the Senate will depend on the three states still in conflict starting Thursday afternoon. The Georgia Senate race will go head-to-head between reigning … Read more

Russian army, over 100 thousand victims in Ukraine reported by US military leaders | Reuters

The uniformed commander of the United States, General Milly, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Thursday that more than 100,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded in Ukraine and that the Ukrainian military likely suffered similar casualties. FILE PHOTO: Bakhmut, Donetsk region, November 4, 2022. REUTERS / Clodagh Kilcoyne [ワシントン 9日 ロイター] … Read more

US Secretary of State of Michigan Loses “Election Denial” in Support of Trump | Reuters

The Michigan Electoral Secretary of State, who is expected to be key in the 2024 U.S. presidential election, was defeated by a Republican candidate who backed former President Donald Trump’s false claim that he had won the last presidential election. Pictured: Republican candidate Cristina Karamo. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: Rebecca Cook … Read more

Focus: Emergence of anxiety for the future despite strong economy, American mid-term elections against democracy | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – American household wealth is near a record high as people go out to restaurants, travel and buy new cars. The job market is also doing well and is a sales market for job seekers. Despite this, the public is becoming dissatisfied with US Democratic President Biden. Opinion polls show Republicans could win … Read more