HTC puts singing time first with the new Vive Flow headset

Due to the small size of the Flow paired with your smartphone, you can always be there with us if we are a little alone. Hirdetés We saw a weird performance from HTC yesterday, because the latest, Vive Flow The VR headset, dubbed VR, was not focused on technical specifications or gaming capabilities, as the […]

4 Hockey-Carrying Shio, Their Sustenance Can Flow Non-stop – A number of shio this turned out to be a lot of hockey carriers. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with approaching them, because the sustenance will never stop flowing. Here are 4 shio that are predicted to be many hockey and rich from mid-October. 1. Chinese Pig READ ALSO: Red Onion Mixed With […]

Why is it THE Danube, but THE Rhine? What does the gender of rivers depend on?

As for the gender of river names, the most important rule in German is that there is no rule – unlike, for example, in Latin, where the rivers are basically male, where the Danube is also called “Danuvius”. In German, gender depends on several things. Pay attention to the ending For once, whether there is […]

Globant Emerald is the champion of the Clausura 2021 of the Master Flow League

With a Master League that had changes in terms of performance (such as football clubs losing prominence), the renewed Globant Emerald Team was the one who took the spear of the tournament and surprised everyone with a great level of play. Remaining with the top of the regular phase, ending with 17 wins and 5 […]

The Grand Final of the Master Flow Clausura 2021 League arrives

The Master Flow League, organized by the Professional Videogame League (LVP) MEDIAPRO Group and Flow, reaches the final instance of the Clausura 2021 tournament with the meeting between Globant Emerald Team and Savage Esports, next Thursday, July 29 from 6:00 p.m. The broadcast will begin with a show by the artist YSY A, presented by […]

Rada liquidated Ukroboronprom –

Photo: Ukroboronprom is being reformed The state concern intends to reform within a year, creating two large holdings on its basis. At an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday, July 13, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on the specifics of reforming enterprises of the military-industrial complex with 256 votes. The law provides for the transformation […]

Three ways to reduce the risk of cancer named

Photo: Simple ways to reduce your cancer risk Cancer affects one in five people in their lifetime, but the risk of a fatal disease can be reduced. Doctors have identified the main ways that will help minimize the risk of cancer. This was reported by a British newspaper Express citing data from the World […]