University admission 2022 – what will be new and what are the rules

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine proposed a draft of the Conditions for admission to higher educational institutions of the country for 2022. About it informs press service of the department. The project is about expanding opportunities for additional recruitment of bachelors for a full-time education contract, improving the distribution of the volume […]

“The Voice of Bulgaria” starts on September 12 with new rules

Each of the coaches will turn an unlimited number of times to the vote they like, and there will be a different selection for the formation of the final composition of the teams. These are part of the new rules that are set in the regulations of the music show “The Voice of Bulgaria”. The […]

Again COVID in parliament, the DB wants remote participation of MPs in the sittings

Five deputies were sworn in remotely in the 45th parliament because they were under quarantine. Among them was the leader of ITN Slavi Trifonov. Their colleague Kaloyan Yankov has a coronavirus The first case of an infected MP with Covid-19 in the 46th parliament prompted Democratic Bulgaria to propose rules for remote participation in sittings […]

Ukraine tightens entry rules –

Ukraine toughens the rules of entry into the country due to the spread of the Delta strain In early August, Ukraine will return PCR testing for unvaccinated people upon entering the country. And for those coming from India and Russia – 14 days of isolation. The government is introducing new border crossing rules due to […]

Entry to Ukraine – after returning from which countries a COVID test is required

So, from July 2, all Ukrainians who return from Portugal, Russia, Great Britain and India need to pass an express test for coronavirus or install the Diy Vdoma application to undergo a 14-day self-isolation. The minister stressed that self-isolation can still be completed ahead of schedule through a negative PCR test. He noted that Portugal, […]

Rules of entry to Egypt for Ukrainians with a coronavirus vaccine – what has changed

Coronavirus vaccination certificates should only be issued approved laboratories and have a QR code. The certificates will be checked by tourists who have been in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Pushing, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brazil or Latin America. Tourists traveling from these countries also must pass a quick PCR test upon arrival in Egypt. In case […]

The British Minister of Health resigned after a kiss

Matt Hancock PHOTO: Reuters The British Minister of Health Matt Hancock, a key figure in the government’s actions against the pandemic, announced today that he is resigning for non-compliance with sanitary rules against the coronavirus, world agencies reported. Hancock apologized yesterday after the Sun showed footage showing him kissing and hugging his co-worker in his […]

The EU is giving another 14 years of life to diesel and petrol cars

PHOTO: pixabay The new cars, powered by internal combustion engines, can have only 14 more years of life in the European Union, according to new rules for limiting harmful emissions, which Brussels is currently discussing, Politico writes, quoted by As early as the autumn of 2019, 24 Chasa wrote that Brussels was parting ways […]