The EU and 5 Countries Reach Agreement on Ukrainian Agricultural Products

Summary [The European Union and Poland and other five countries have reached an agreement in principle on issues related to Ukrainian agricultural products]On the 28th local time, the Executive Vice President of the European Commission Dombrovskis announced that the European Commission has reached an agreement with Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia reached an agreement […]

Malaga, without protocol against episodes of air pollution

Only fifteen urban areas in Spain have effective protocols against episodes of air pollution -when the concentration of air pollutants exceeds sanitary or legal levels- and also none is adapted to the state framework protocol approved in 2021, as warned this Friday Ecologists in Action. In this case, Malaga is one of the cities that […]

Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Iran Willing, US Remains Negative_News Center_China Net

Xinhua News Agency, Tehran, December 27 (International observation) Iran nuclear negotiations: Iran has readiness and US remains negative Gao Wencheng, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency On the 26th, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Kanani stated that the “dialogue window” was still open for Iran to resume the implementation of the global agreement on the Iranian […]

Serbian media: NATO secretary general calls Vucic to discuss the situation in Kosovo and Metohija

Global news 4AOF4hGAU1ritemSerbian media: NATO secretary general calls Vucic to discuss the situation in Kosovo and 4AOCSbo6Am6itemRare exhibition! Yin Xiyue angrily scolded the Korean police for the stampede incident: Why do you stare blankly at everyone! 4AO9Jap7Ea5itemRussian media: Russian and Indian foreign ministers hold talks in 4AO7kFU3rZUitem(The 5th CIIE) In-depth analysis | How […]