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Vicente Vallés dismantles Ábalos and his lies about Delcy

The former minister assures that the suitcases thing is a hoax but the Antena 3 presenter reminds him that it was Koldo himself who specifically confirmed their existence.

As Spanish politics prepares for a key weekend with the elections in Catalonia, the Commission of inquiry into the Koldo case continues its course in the Senate. Numerous protagonists of the plot have already passed through there, among them the character that gives its name to it or the candidate for those Catalan PSOE elections, Salvador Illa. And this week began with the appearance of the other main protagonist of the controversy and for whom it could be said that everything was blown up: José Luis Ábalos.

If there is a chapter that has haunted Pedro Sánchez’s former Minister of Transport, it has been that of their secret meeting – at least for a time it was. with Delcy Rodríguez at the Madrid-Barajas airport. The Venezuelan vice president passed through our country on an express visit full of secrecy of which, with the passage of time, details have become known. Some details discovered by, precisely, people present that night like Koldo García.

They asked Ábalos about this visit and specifically about the suitcase issue that the right hand of Nicolás Maduro discharged on Spanish soil. Well then, Ábalos assures that this is one of the “best installed” hoaxes about that controversial passage of Delcy Rodríguez through our country. When asked by Ángel Pelayo, a Vox senator, the person appearing insisted that “the suitcases did not exist”, beyond those of the personal equipment of the Venezuelan representatives.

This resounding statement by Ábalos has not gone unnoticed by Vicente Valles. The Antena 3 news presenter has denied Ábalos’s defense and has done so with proven evidence and arguments. In this case, the confession of one’s own Koldo Garciapresent that night, who in an interview in The world not only confirmed the existence of the suitcases, but He was quite precise with the number of them and their size: six large and six small.

The vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez.

Furthermore, the journalist dwells on the detail of a quite illuminating phrase by Koldo García in that interview, in which he went so far as to state that about the rest of the things that happened that night “he wouldn’t talk about it even if he was dead.” That is why Vallés ends up asking “why is it?” And it is that obscurantism continues to surround what happened that night at the Madrid airport and, as can be deduced from the words of Koldo – present and protagonist of that night – that it is not in the interest of those involved that they come to light.

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