Anker complains that the platform gap is too large, KAI will offer this solution

Jakarta – The ankers, the popular designation for car boycomplained platform gap in many KRL station which is too wide and not the same height as the KRL trolleys. Commuter KAI will provide a solution: add stairs and elevate the platform. “Regarding the height difference and the gap between the user waiting platform and the […]

SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship carries fruit in ice cream for astronauts on the ISS – SpaceX’s all-new CRS-26 Dragon cargo ship arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) early Sunday (11/27), carrying tons of fresh supplies, new solar wings and even some ice cream for the orbiting laboratory. Reported by space. comOn Tuesday (11/29), the freighter launched aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday afternoon (11/26) from NASA’s […]

Train bonus program: so you can enter the DM halls more easily | life and knowledge

It’s really something nice: before the train journey, get out of the hustle and bustle on the platforms and enter the quiet train hall (available in the most important metropolitan railway stations). Finally clean toilets, free soft drinks and specialty coffees. All just for extreme frequent drivers? No, Deutsche Bahn is reforming its BahnBonus bonus […]

The Pentecost holidays are coming to an end: who is left behind today? | news

From: Tatjana Kaa, John Roth, Tim Specks, Karl Keim, Stephan Kürthy, Markus Langner and Thomas Knoop A long Pentecost weekend, relaxation, lots of sun. The good thing: nationwide, Germans took a short vacation, let their souls dangle, partied, and enjoyed their days off to the fullest. The problem: On Whit Monday, most people go home. […]

Microsoft resolves controversy: Call of Duty game won’t stop on PlayStation

confirmed Phil Spencer, The CEO of “Microsoft Video Games” announced that the company will not remove the famous war game “Call of Duty” from the “Playstation”. came a statement Spencer finally discusses her future The game, under expectation of success acquisition process “Action“during a new podcast interview with users YouTube: Jenna and Justin Izarak. Spencer […]

Can’t tell the difference between east station and west station? Railway 12306 app update: don’t be afraid to buy the wrong station – Fast technology – Technology changes the future

“The farthest distance in the world is that people are at the Beijing railway station and the trains are in West Beijing”, have you ever missed the train because you bought the wrong station? Recently, the Railway 12306 app has been updated with several new handy features. According to reports, when you enter a destination […]

Warning against using “PlayStation” and “Xbox” to watch the video

Toms Guide released a report warning against using the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X gaming platforms to watch videos on streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney Plus. The report recommended stopping it and switching to using one of the best devices for broadcasting or watching via smart TV. The report stated that viewing […]