AND HERE IT IS! The breaking point between Meghan and Kate

It wasn’t until Meghan’s abortion finally broke the ice, as the website comments on the situation. In short, the three-time mother could very well imagine how painful the experience was for a Duke of Sussex. “As she read her words, he was overwhelmed Kate huge sadness. He feels it’s time to be in touch […]

Devastating news from Meghan Markle: The Duchess lost her baby in the summer

“I jumped to the ground with him in my arms, hummed a lullaby to calm us both, the cheerful melody contrasted sharply with my feeling that something was wrong. I hugged my firstborn baby and I knew I was losing another, ”Meghan continued. “A few hours later, I was lying on a hospital bed holding […]

The world sympathizes with Meghan, but… From the Queen’s reaction freezes!

Prince Harry’s wife, 36, gave a painful testimony in the New York Times about her miscarriage in July this year. While the couple’s fans have included their social network with an avalanche of compassionate and supportive comments, the behavior of the rest of the royal family is a bit goosebumps. The only one who responded […]

Thick line behind the past. Meghan and Harry gave their seat to Princess Eugenia

Although Harry and Meghan left the royal family in the spring, they were left with many noble benefits. For example, the Frogmore Cottage mansion west of London, where no one has lived for several months. The prince therefore handed it over to his cousin, Princess Eugenia, the portal writes The Sun. She will definitely use […]

Duchess Kate keeps a secret diary, including Meghan Markle

The complex relationship between Duchess Kate and Prince William, on the one hand, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, on the other, has long been a public secret. Although the royal family refuses to comment on them, it leaks from its surroundings that famous married couples do not speak at all. Their quarrels were to […]

The moment that started the madness! Is Markle in “TOM”?

That’s why, when a photo of Meghan with a pregnant belly recently appeared in public, literally madness broke out. She really is a wife Prince Harry pregnant? Unfortunately, it probably isn’t. The couple only shared an older film in which Meghan wears Archie’s son in her belly. This has been the case several times since […]

Harry trapped for Meghan! A vile attack on his own family

The reason is supposed to be its unpreparedness for one global problem, which is said to be unconscious racial prejudice. He allegedly got to know her fully only after his marriage to his chosen one Meghan Merkel (38), according to the website. He literally said he tried a few days in “her skin.” Which […]

Chance to be rescued in 5 months! Or Harry and William’s divorces

Previously, they did not allow themselves, their bond was not interrupted even by marriage to Kate. But then Meghan came. Since then, the sympathy between the two brothers has waned, they have become estranged. First, the two couples shared housing, offices, and finally a joint foundation. And then the Duchess and the Duke of Sussex […]

They raised me badly, Megan taught me about racism, said Prince Harry

Prince Harry had no idea how widespread racial prejudice was in society. According to him, he only understood the great problem of racism when he married his wife Meghan Markle. “I had no idea what racial prejudices were, even if they were ignorant. It was the way I educated and educated,” the Duke of Sussex […]