Kate and Meghan have no choice! They have to meet for Diana

Kate (39) and Meghan (39) are to face after many months on the occasion of the unveiling of the statue Princess Diana. However, after the Dukes of Sussex left the royal family, something remained unresolved between the two royal pairs. Prince William he allegedly cannot forgive his brother for giving up his duties so easily […]

Queen Elizabeth II excludes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from ceremonial events

Having refused to continue his posts in the British Crown, the Harry principle and Meghan Markle already suffer the consequences of their actions when they receive the rejection of the Queen isabel II, because the monarch denied them access to an important event in which each year they were participants. According to the English newspaper […]

Queen Elizabeth dances on a desk in a TikTok style !? Deepfake video on British public broadcasters controversial in the UK | Hint-Pot

Queen Elizabeth[Photo: AP] The British public broadcaster “Channel 4” has recently created an “alternative” Christmas speech video of Queen Elizabeth with an elaborate fake video “Deepfake” using artificial intelligence (AI) facial recognition technology. In the video, the fake queen sends a message with a serious expression and cynical jokes, and also dances a TikTok-style dance […]

the five reasons why he conquered everyone

Related news Nobody said it was easy, Letizia (48 years). The institutional functions of the wife of the head of State, for practical purposes, the work of the queen of SpainIt is not something that is studied in universities. If the complicated fact of “landing in this life situation different from the one I had” […]

British royalty women’s perfumes

We tell you the perfumes that the royals chose for their wedding day, which you can also have. Be part of the british royalty implies luxury and elegance. That is why royals are attentive to every detail of what they are wearing, including their perfumes. It is said that the scent of a perfume reflects […]

Death in the royal family! Prince Harry lost one of his closest women

Celia Vestey was 71, the last time she breathed last week. In addition to being Harry’s godmother, she had a friendship with Queen Elizabeth II. As the portal pointed out The Sun, the Duke of Sussex condiled three descendants of Vestey as soon as he learned of the unfortunate news. “Celia Elizabeth Vestey died suddenly […]

AND HERE IT IS! The breaking point between Meghan and Kate

It wasn’t until Meghan’s abortion finally broke the ice, as the TN.cz website comments on the situation. In short, the three-time mother could very well imagine how painful the experience was for a Duke of Sussex. “As she read her words, he was overwhelmed Kate huge sadness. He feels it’s time to be in touch […]

The world sympathizes with Meghan, but… From the Queen’s reaction freezes!

Prince Harry’s wife, 36, gave a painful testimony in the New York Times about her miscarriage in July this year. While the couple’s fans have included their social network with an avalanche of compassionate and supportive comments, the behavior of the rest of the royal family is a bit goosebumps. The only one who responded […]