They raised me badly, Megan taught me about racism, said Prince Harry

Prince Harry had no idea how widespread racial prejudice was in society. According to him, he only understood the great problem of racism when he married his wife Meghan Markle. “I had no idea what racial prejudices were, even if they were ignorant. It was the way I educated and educated,” the Duke of Sussex […]

Perjury Meghan? Leaving the palace was one big lie!

This week, Scobie published the book “Searching for Freedom”, which also writes about his departure Harry and Meghan of the royal family. Although it has always been claimed that Harry was forced to leave by his wife, it was Harry who eventually planned to relinquish aristocratic roles before marrying a former American actress. Kate a […]

People with Meghan are running out of patience: Harry, get a divorce!

Meghan (39) totiž Harry (36) allegedly has complete control. Harry’s “rebellion” began just during his marriage to a former actress. Starting with her voluntary departure from the palace, through Meghan’s zealous efforts to make political visibility, both British society and Buckingham Palace see this very clearly. Nightmare Karla Gotta sails again. Will Ivan step in? […]

King without mouth mask in car, according to RVD only when returning home | NOW

King Willem-Alexander contributed on Saturday return no face mask in the car at Huis ten Bosch palace. That is against the advice of the Central government, because there were also people in the car who do not belong to his household. The Government Information Service (RVD) said in a response to that the king […]

King back in the Netherlands after holiday break in Greece | NOW

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their daughters are back in the country. They arrived at Schiphol on a scheduled flight from KLM just after 8 p.m. on Saturday. Shortly after their arrival, the royal standard (flag) was hoisted at Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague, as a sign that the king is back in […]

Meghan is evil, she sounds from Duchess Kate’s family. There were also vulgar insults!

The Queen Elizabeth II. she probably won’t be too excited about that kind of attention. The British ruling family is fixed on the remarks of Duchess Kate’s uncle. He indiscriminately engaged in Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. Gary Goldsmith, Carole Middleton’s brother, is upset by the behavior of famous couples during the coronavirus […]

Sad news from the royal family: The final end!

As for the servants of the Dukes of Sussex, no one warmed up for too long. It started with personal assistant Meghan Melissa Tauaboti. And then they disappeared one by one. Reason? Working with Harry’s chosen one is said to be no easiest. Meghan rejects conservatism and forces people around her to do so, but […]

The story of Delphine, the princess that King Albert did not want

AGI – Despite the judicial victory, which just 4 days ago gave her the title she deserves, the “new” princess of Saxony-Coburg is a wounded woman and does not forget that she received from her father, the former king of the Belgians Albert II , “a stab in the back”, expressed through the coldness and […]