New international military exercises “Cossack Bulava” began in Ukraine / GORDON

The exercises will be held on the basis of the Inter-Service Training Center for military units and subunits at the Shirokiy Lan training ground, noted at the General Staff of the Armed Forces. About 2 thousand military personnel and more than 300 pieces of equipment from Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Sweden will […]

Ukraine’s largest landfill Yagorlyk started working in the Kherson region

In the Kherson region, the largest in Ukraine training ground of the Armed Forces, which was named “Yagorlyk”, was launched. This test site has become a replacement for the test site that remained in the Russian-occupied Crimea. Work on the creation of this test site began in 2018, in particular, the military was looking for […]

SBU found illegal landfill in Kiev

Photo: Screenshot SBU officers withdrew weapons and ammunition from the JFO zone An illegal shooting range was set up on the territory of a former children’s camp in the Darnytskyi district. Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine are conducting investigative actions on the territory of the municipal enterprise Municipal Varta in Kiev in the […]

Had a boom, this is a list of bicycle prices that have fallen

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – After being a prima donna during the pandemic, the bicycle boom trend is now slowly starting to decline where in the last six months the price of bicycles in the country has started to drop drastically. Based on the results of CNBC Indonesia’s monitoring on several online buying and selling sites, […]

A military exercise ended with 7 corpses

A projectile fired during a military exercise at a training ground in central Greece missed its target and hit a flock of sheep, Elefteros Tipos reported, citing the information site According to the information, the incident happened on Wednesday afternoon during the exercises at the landfill in Glafirez, Magnesia prefecture. One of the projectiles […]

Facing Cycling Trends, This Polygon Mainstay Bike

JAKARTA, – Hobbies can be fickle. One hobby that is currently popular is cycling. This cannot be separated from the corona pandemic which makes people have to keep their distance, and the bicycle is considered suitable to meet these criteria. But this time the bicycle trend is not the first. We have seen so […]