Found a natural remedy to accelerate hair growth

Today, 11:38 | author: Irina Mikhalkova | Photo With age, not only the skin grows old, but also the hair, which begins to fall out more often. One can only dream of a beautiful hairstyle. But you can return the former luxury to your hair with the help of a simple remedy – Aloe […]

Forecasters promised frosts in Moscow :: Society :: RBC

By Monday, the first frosts and ice will begin in the capital. Leading specialist of the Phobos weather center Evgeny Tishkovets told RBC about this. “On the next weekend, a cold atmospheric front will break through to the region, accompanied by a ridge of cumulonimbus clouds and fleeting showers with a total precipitation of up […]

Women Must Know! Here are 9 Tips That Can Reduce Hair Loss

PR INDRAMAYU – Hair loss is a common problem for women. This is due to several factors, either from shampoo or perhaps an irregular lifestyle. Most people never get to the root cause hair fall out and start reacting only when it is too late. Possible causes of loss hair caused by dandruff, prolonged illness, […]