It appeared in the meteor that fell in Antarctica! Is there life on Mars?

The team, led by Andrew Steele, a researcher at the Carnegie Institute for Science, stated that the 2-kilogram meteorite that crashed into Antarctica in 1984 contained no evidence of life on the red planet. Steele noted that the carbon-rich components found in the meteorite were most likely “formed by prolonged flow of salt water over […]

Experts told what professions will be popular in 2022

Photo: Unsplash It became known for which specialties the demand will grow in 2022 In 2021, the largest number of vacancies in our country has increased in the field of sales. The trend will continue. This year, IT specialists, doctors, sales managers, logistics and financial sector employees will be in demand in Ukraine. On Friday, […]

Seven tips to protect important information from the risk of data leakage

Illustration of data security in cyber media. (Pexels) – Global security company Kaspersky shares seven tips for safely storing sensitive and important information to protect it from the risk of data leakage. Kaspersky in a written statement received on Friday said that the first tip is to enable full disk encryption (FDE – full […]

Harry Potter is still trendy after 20 years – Vienna Online – Austria

20.11.2021 18:01 (Akt. 20.11.2021 18:01) Twenty years after the first film was released, Harry Potter is still trendy. ¬©REUTERS/Peter Nicholls/File Photo Twenty years after the first Harry Potter film opened in theaters, the sorcerer’s apprentice, invented by author Joanne K. Rowling, is still omnipresent. Just in time for Advent, Harry Potter is behind one of […]

Leave Kylie Jenner’s 5 million ring … Stormi’s!

4/7 The jewels everyone talks about These rings belong to the jewelry firm, Shay, and were ordered to do by the rapper. Kylie showed off the gift with emotion, uploading a photo to her Instagram in which appears touching Stormi’s hand, revealing both the gift and its manicure, something that also became news… and it […]

Ryanair: says goodbye to the London Stock Exchange, Brexit effect – Economy

Ryanair’s management is considering a farewell to the London Stock Exchange as a result of a “significant reduction in trade” during the year and in line with a “general trend in trading on shares of EU companies after Brexit”. This is stated in a note which states that “Euronext Dublin’s primary listing on the regulated […]

China: + 4.9% GDP third quarter, slows to 12-month lows – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BEIJING, 18 OCT – China’s GDP slowed sharply in July-September, rising by 4.9% annually, to the lows of the last 12 months, after + 7.9% in the second quarter and against the + 5.2% expected by analysts. Based on the data released by the National Statistics Office, the economic growth was 0.2%, compared […]