Open the depths of the industrial electricity bill, why has it reached 5.69 baht per unit?

Mr Komkrit Tantravanich Secretary General of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)likeERC spokesperson It has been revealed that sinceNational Energy Policy Council (NEPC) decided to approve the management approachnatural gasto reduce the burden of electricity bills duringenergy price crisisJanuary – April 2023 allowing for the allocation of natural gas from the Gulf of Thailand behind the […]

Open the “Oil Fund” timeline for more than 1 year, struggling to find the first money

prediction of the current positionfuel fund As of October 30, 2022 it was negative for 129.701 million baht, divided into oil accounts, negative for 86.781 million baht, LPG accounts, negative for 42.920 million baht.PTT Limited Joint Stock Company Monthly to 1,000 million baht, resulting in a negative oil fund of 128,701 million baht, total cash […]

The European Commission allowed Ukraine to certify Nord Stream 2 (video)

According to the head of the Ministry of Energy German Galushchenko, Europe welcomes Kiev’s desire to synchronize with the European energy network and abandon the energy networks of Belarus and the Russian Federation. – Ukraine will participate in the certification of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. This was stated by Minister of Energy […]

USA promises to help Ukraine with energy resources

Photo: Ministry of Energy Galushchenko and Quinn – – Ukrainian nuclear power plants will provide American nuclear fuel, Queen promised. The United States promises to assist in ensuring the stability of energy supplies to Ukraine, in particular for nuclear energy. This was stated by the US Charge d’Affaires in Ukraine Christina Queen at a meeting […]

Electricity consumption jumped in Ukraine

Photo: site of the South Ukrainian NPP Now 14 out of 15 NPP units are in operation – – Electricity consumption is increasing due to the cold snap. The Ministry of Energy assured that there is a reserve of capacities. Due to the cold snap, electricity consumption in Ukraine increased by 1 GW – up […]

Luhansk TPP will be switched to gas due to coal shortage

Photo: Luhansk TPP switches to gas – – The use of this option at other stations in Ukraine is not yet planned, the Ministry of Energy said. Due to the shortage of coal, the Lugansk thermal power plant will be switched from coal to gas. About it reported at the press service of the […]

Russia blocks coal supplies from Kazakhstan – Ministry of Energy

Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine Maxim Nemchinov said that at present Ukraine is actually in a state of energy war. He stressed that Russia is blocking coal supplies from Kazakhstan. – “Today, we are actually in a state of energy war with Russia, which is blocking imports from Kazakhstan, not letting railroad cars with […]

Minsk again announced the supply of electricity to Kiev

Photo: In Ukraine, there is a shortage of electricity due to the massive shutdown of TPP power units due to lack of coal reserves – – In accordance with the signed contract, supplies will be carried out during November, the Belarusian Energy Ministry explained. Belarus resumed electricity supplies to Ukraine. This is reported by […]

Galushchenko told how they solve problems with coal

Photo: Coal reserves at TPPs are several times below the norm – – In November, coal supplies to thermal power plants will increase, primarily due to their own production. Ukrainian companies increase coal imports in November, and supplies to thermal power plants from domestic mines will also increase. Energy Minister German Galushchenko told how […]

SP-2 can be launched without certification – Ministry of Energy

Perfect storm used very well – Mirror – – If no other options for resolving the crisis are proposed, then such a risk exists, the adviser to the Minister of Energy is sure. Europe can accept the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline without certification, since Russia is taking advantage of crisis situations. […]