Nord Stream accident – Sweden publishes survey results – UNIAN

The investigation suspects that it was “gross sabotage”. a photo The Swedish State Security Service has completed the inspection of the damaged areas Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. The department’s statement is published on the official website. website. The results of the investigation reinforced the suspicions … Read more

The European Union has issued a strong statement on Nord Stream – UNIAN

It should be noted that any deliberate damage to Europe’s energy infrastructure is absolutely unacceptable and will have a strong and unanimous response. The statement was released by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell / UNIAN photo, Alexander Sinitsa Gas leaks on the pipeline “Nord Stream”resulting from the explosion, are … Read more

India stops buying Russian oil – UNIAN

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, India became the second largest buyer of oil, supporting the Russian economy. Russia loses customers: India stops buying Russian oil / REUTERS illustration Indian oil refineries intend to stop buying Russian oil from ESPO this month. This is happening against the backdrop of the announcement in the mobilization country, … Read more

Sanctions against Russia – Moldova has found a substitute for Russian gas – UNIAN

The country’s authorities have already chosen seven suppliers of “blue fuel” Moldova is looking for a new gas supplier / screenshot Authority Moldova looking for a new gas supplier to replace Gazprom. We have already chosen seven companies that will supply gas to the country from next month. This is reported Reuters. According to Moldovan … Read more

Oil embargo – which countries will replace the Russian Federation in the European market – UNIAN

It is known that as a result of the oil embargo that began in December, Russia’s oil export revenues will decline by 75% as early as February 2023. A Russian oil embargo will be introduced in the EU starting December 2022 / photo by REUTERS Following the EU embargo import of oil from Russia Another … Read more

Russia asks the EU to open Nord Stream 2 for gas supplies – UNIAN

Nord Stream 1, the main gas supply route to Europe, remains closed. Energy blackmail: Russia requests EU to open Nord Stream 2 for gas supplies / Photo REUTERS Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if the EU wants more gas, it should lift the sanctions that prevent the pipeline from opening.Nord Stream-2″. This is reported … Read more

The IAEA adopts a resolution requiring Russia to withdraw troops from the ZNPP – UNIAN

Only two countries voted against the resolution: Russia and China. Seven other representatives of UN member states abstained and did not vote / Energoatom photos Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), made up of representatives of 35 UN member states, adopted a resolution calling on Russia to end the occupation of … Read more

Today gas prices have dropped significantly in Europe – UNIAN

Gas prices in Europe fell by more than seven percent. October futures on the ICE exchange traded at the level of 2020 dollars per thousand cubic meters / illustration by REUTERS September 12, gasoline prices in Europe it fell by more than seven per cent. October futures on the stock exchange ICE traded at the … Read more