“What did you do with the money you’ve earned?”

Shin Jung-hwan said there was no income. In a video posted on the YouTube’Shin Jeong-hwanjang’ on the 31st of last year, Shin Jung-hwan ate crab with the staff. On this day, Shin Jung-hwan said, “There is no income,” while waiting for crabs at the restaurant. The following YouTube’Shin Jung Hwan Jang’ So what about one […]

“Mallorca has the potential to become a top brand”

Michael Lambertz is like many people who know and love Mallorca: he wishes the Mallorca brand had a better image. Because that would be good for business and thus equally for Mallorcans, residents and holidaymakers. He knows what he is talking about: the proven expert was responsible for global marketing on the TUI board and […]

Not to publish information about medical research before its completion .. Learn about the conditions for conducting clinical research in the new law

Subscribe to receive the most important news The law regulating clinical medical research, which was ratified by the President of the Republic and published in the Official Gazette, stipulates the conditions that a researcher based on medical research must abide by towards the respondent. Article 15 stipulates that each of the principal investigator and the […]

“Consulting firms enter where agencies cannot”

“The areas of technology, data use and development of artificial intelligence processes have allowed us to have as much information as possible to make the best decisions with our clients,” explains Javier Rosado, partner and general manager of the northern region of LLYC. In this process of transformation of the consulting firm, says Rosado, it […]

The Botanical Garden will turn into a glorious “Winter Light Garden”

According to the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia, it is possible to see 20 light installations created by the best Latvian lighting designers, who have gained experience in theaters, the event industry, cinema and multimedia projects. The Botanical Garden will turn into a glorious “Winter Light Garden” +55 See more “This time is […]

As online sales increase by up to 100%, consumer complaints of fraud increase

The information provided by the Latvian Traders’ Association shows that online sales have increased by up to 100% in the last month. Aija Gulbe, Director of ECC Latvia, comments: “It must be admitted that with the increase in the number of online trade transactions, the number of complaints and requests for advice is also growing. […]

Why is New York also called the “Big Apple”? – SWR knowledge

Lively and seductive: advertising campaign from the 1970s One could make all kinds of speculations about this: Was the city once famous for its apple trees? No. It can’t have anything to do with Steve Jobs’ computer company either, because it came later and is located on the west coast. As early as the early […]

Stockmann will invest 2.5 million euros in the development of the food segment

“Along with investments in the development of the food segment, we purposefully continue to implement the department store’s growth plan, providing customers with a unique shopping experience and high-class service. It is planned to implement both ambitious changes in the visual image of Stockmann’s Delicatessen, combining Stockmann’s values ​​with modern Scandinavian and Latvian design, and […]