Kiril Petkov may be an MP – he has not been a Canadian since August 20

KIRIL PETKOV The Constitutional Court uploads on its website today all the evidence received in the case of the citizenship of the former caretaker Minister Kiril Petkov, who is the leader of the new political formation “We continue the change”, can easily run for parliament. This is one of the conclusions that lawyers will most […]

Kiril Petkov’s immunity can be lifted to bring him to justice because …

“Radev could not have known about this case unless the candidate-minister himself told him. In my opinion, the president did not know. It is possible that if Petkov has signed a declaration, he will be held accountable, but given that he will has immunity as a candidate, the prosecution may request the waiver of immunity. […]

The number of Jews in the world is named

Photo: More than half of Jews live outside Israel 25.3 million people are eligible for Israeli citizenship, and 15.2 million people do not identify with another religion. The Jewish agency Sokhnut has counted the number of Jews around the world at 15.2 million. At the same time, less than half of all Jews live […]

Prof. Alexander Marinov: There was a similar case with Kiril Petkov with Simeon Dyankov

Alexander Marinov The case of the Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov had a similar case with the Canadian citizenship with the Minister of Finance in the first government of Borisov Simeon Djankov. This was stated on BNR by Prof. Alexander Marinov, Chairman of the Strategic Development Council under the President. Then Djankov announced that he […]

You cannot divide people by passport. There are desperate situations / GORDON

He stated this in an interview with the channel. “House”which came out on August 5th. “Sometimes a person can be in a situation of despair. Of course, glory to those people and great respect who were able to refuse to passportization, who were able to get away from various“ documents ”of unrecognized“ republics ”and remain […]

Belarus will be deprived of citizenship for “extremism”

The corresponding decree was signed by Lukashenka Naturalized Belarusians for participation in protests are now officially allowed to be deprived of their citizenship. Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree that provides for the deprivation of citizenship “for participation in extremist activities.” In particular, the document refers to foreigners who have received Belarusian citizenship, informs press service […]

Ecuador stripped Assange of citizenship

Julian Assange stripped of citizenship by Ecuadorian court The founder of WikiLeaks, who received Ecuadorian citizenship in January 2018, was stripped of it by court order in July 2021. Ecuador revoked the citizenship of the founder of the organization WikiLeaks Australian Julian Assange. This was announced on Wednesday, July 28, by the Australian broadcasting corporation […]

Rada proposed to deprive citizenship for a Russian passport

The authors of the document are three parliamentarians – Nikolai Knyazhitsky, Natalya Pipa and Oksana Savchuk. Ukrainian people’s deputies proposed to the Verkhovna Rada to automatically deprive the citizens of Ukraine of persons who voluntarily received a Russian passport. The corresponding bill registered on the website of the parliament. So, Draft Law on Amendments to […]