Auto-Chancellor angry climate adhesive – blockade in Graz

On Monday there was a new blockade by the last generation in Graz. The activists are angry about Nehammer’s car announcement. Karl Nehammer’s turquoise commitment to the combustion engine ignited a new wave of protests from climate stickers on Monday. In Vienna, shortly after 8 a.m., activists from the last generation had once again pecked […]

Linzer (42) suddenly has a knife in his back after a fight

Brutal attack in Haid near Linz. A 31-year-old drove a taxi to a 42-year-old and seriously injured him. Another bloody deed in Upper Austria. After an Upper Austrian (43) was literally executed by his ex-brother-in-law with several shots at the weekend, there was now a knife attack between two acquaintances in Haid near Linz. According […]

“No one speaks German”: Viennese Kigas in the hands of clans?

Ten smaller kindergarten companies in Vienna are to be checked by the City Audit Office. According to the VP, “Minibambini” was not an isolated case… “The funding scandal surrounding the ‘Minibambini’ club is apparently just the tip of the iceberg,” says VP chairman Karl Mahrer. “The failure of control has a system.” The VP now […]

A1 takes responsibility for all companies – economy

A1 offers digital solutions for companies of all sizes. So that everyone can fully concentrate on their core business. PAID INTERNET The road to success is easier with a reliable partner. This principle applies both to the sole proprietor who has just founded a start-up and to the large company with several locations that wants […]

Twins reveal: ‘Neymar wanted sex with both of us’ – Soccer

An explosive revelation brings Neymar jr. in the headlines. Twin sisters open up about a raunchy request from the superstar. While the PSG colleagues are preparing for the Champions League hit against Bayern (0-1 in the round of 16 first leg), Neymar jr. take a forced break again. As has often been the case in […]

70 centimeters of fresh snow – crazy weather in the Balkans – world

Several regional winds are currently causing stormy conditions and a change in the weather in Central Europe. There is a lot of snow in the Balkans. Central Europe is currently sandwiched between a large cored high over the British Isles and a low over Italy. Particularly in the Alps and in the northern Mediterranean area, […]

lab leak? New secret report reveals cause of pandemic – coronavirus

A US intelligence report now assumes that the corona virus escaped through a leak in a laboratory. The US Department of Energy has now changed its mind regarding the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic. An intelligence report recently released to the White House and key members of Congress suggests the virus most likely broke out […]

Increase illegal! Electricity customers now get money back – economy

The regional court declared the association’s price change clause invalid. Thousands of customers could now get money back. The details. According to the APA, the Vienna Commercial Court overturned a price increase by the partially state-owned electricity group Verbund from May 2022. The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) had sued after the association had increased […]

Krankl on the relationship with Rapid: “My blood is green” – football

Hans Krankl is and will remain a Rapidler. The now 70-year-old emphasized this again on the Sky program “Talk und Tore”. On Friday, Rapid let his “Hanse” cheer for the 70s. A separate event was set up, 1,300 fans came to Hütteldorf for the Goleador’s big anniversary. “You belong to Rapid like green and white,” […]