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Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour: Coming to a Cinema near You!

If you couldn’t get tickets for Beyoncé’s current “Renaissance World Tour”, you don’t need to be sad.

Has been inspiring since May 2023 Beyoncé (42) several fans on stage again. A number of celebrities even stopped by for their “Renaissance World Tour” so as not to miss the spectacle. A total of 65 concerts in North America and Europe were scheduled until the end of September. Now the tour will continue on the big screen.

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Beyoncé will soon be back in the cinema

It’s not the first time that Beyoncé has been seen in the cinema. The singer has already taken on several roles as an actress and has appeared in films such as “Austin Powers” ​​and “Dreamgirls”. This time, however, she will be on screen as herself.

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Similar to her pop colleague Taylor Swift (33), the 42-year-old will soon show her stage show in the cinema as a blockbuster. According to “Variety”, the management of the “Single Ladies” interpreter is currently working at full speed to publish the concerts with the US cinema giant AMC.

Not only will her show be shown, but the creation of the exceptional artist’s album of the same name will also be documented in more detail. According to insiders, the film will start on December 1st. There is currently no official release date for Austria. A first trailer has already been shared on Beyoncé’s official YouTube channel.

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