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The Clash of Tennis Titans: Novak Djokovic Responds to Rafael Nadal’s Criticisms

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal fought heated duels on the tennis court for years. Now the Serb countered his rival’s comments.

Over the course of the year, the Serb outperformed his long-time opponent. Djokovic has now achieved 24 Grand Slam successes and has clearly left Nadal (22) behind. The Spaniard is currently injured and is aiming for a comeback at the Australian Open 2024.

Nadal criticized Djokovic

With the Spaniard, Djokovic and the already departed Roger Federer, perhaps the three greatest players of all time played in the same era. Since then, there has been heated debate as to which of the tennis stars is the greatest of all time, known in English as the “GOAT”. A few weeks ago, Nadal expressed his view of things and thus incurred the displeasure of the current number one in the tennis world rankings.

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It was only logical for Nadal that Djokovic holds the record for won Grand Slams and that this record will remain unmatched for several years, as the Spaniard recently revealed on “Movistar+”. “I think Novak feels this much more intensely than I do. If he hadn’t made it, it might have been more frustrating for him. Maybe that’s why he made it. I think he had the ability to push his ambition to the extreme “I think I was also ambitious, but a bit healthier, which allowed me to see things in a different way,” said the currently injured Mallorcan at the time.


These sentences don’t seem to have gone down well with the Serb himself, as the 36-year-old made clear to “Sportal”. In any case, the Serb “did not agree” with Nadal’s statements. I saw that a lot of people talked about his comment. Everyone has the right to their own opinion on how they interpret someone else in a certain context,” said the Serb, adding A look at Nadal and Federer is telling: “My respect for them outweighs the negative opinions I might have. I have my opinions, but I won’t express them because I don’t want us to go into this any further,” said the world number one. First.

Djokovic appreciates Nadal as a “great champion and I respect him as such. As a great champion, my greatest rival and as a player who helped shape my game and achieve the results I have achieved,” he said 36 year old.

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