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Stressful Moments for President Van der Bellen: Flight Mishap and Delayed Arrival in New York

Stressful moments for Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. Because the AUA machine had a defect, the president stayed in Vienna for the time being.

The “presidential plane” was actually supposed to take off for New York on Saturday morning. The 78th UN General Assembly will take place there next week – the foreign policy highlight of the year. On board the AUA plane, Van der Bellen should have been accompanied by his Slovenian counterpart, Nataša Pirc Musar. But things turned out differently.

Flight mishap: President has to wait

As the “Kronen Zeitung” first reported, it was initially said that the presidential flight had to be diverted via Canada due to a storm on the US coast. However, as it turned out, a technical glitch was the reason for the long wait. The AUA jet was broken and had to be repaired before it could transport the two presidents to New York. There were no reserve planes; Austrian Airlines will only increase its numbers in January. That’s why Van der Bellen said: Please wait.

VdB arrives late

After the flight was finally rebooked, the Federal President and his delegation arrived in New York on Sunday morning. Just in time: The official opening ceremony of the UN General Assembly will take place on Monday, which this year will focus in particular on the war in Ukraine and the implementation of the “Agenda 2030” – a list of 17 goals in areas of social, economic and ecologically sustainable development – to be discussed.

There will also be a climate summit on Wednesday. “It’s no secret that I was very disappointed with the results of the last UN climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh. This makes it all the more important that the international community takes bold steps to phase out fossil fuels at COP 28 in Dubai in November and to support the global south,” said Van der Bellen before the trip. In addition to the Federal President, Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) also represents the Austrian delegation. The VP politician sets off for New York on Monday morning – “Today” is included.

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