all the Spanish cities where it will be necessary in 2023

The Climate Change Law obliges municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants to have ZBE (Low Emission Zones) circulation zones next year, 2023. These are very specific regulations to specify circulation through the urban nucleus of certain vehicles according to their DGT environmental label. The objective of this standard is to reduce pollution levels and improve […]

I have to take care of my appearance in order to preserve the homes I opened

The Syrian actress Asala Nasri touched on the issue of humanitarian aid and the ways to provide it to her people, who are suffering from tragic conditions as a result of the devastating earthquake that struck cities in the northwest, causing thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of injuries and millions of homeless people.. Asala […]

Guerlain’s novelty: a serum that rejuvenates the eye area

The appearance of the eye contributes to a youthful appearance of the face. Unfortunately, science proves that this is also one of the areas of the face where the signs of aging appear first because it is particularly fragile, thus becoming one of the main concerns of women. The skin on the eyelids is extremely […]

Sick wave creates an emergency when donating blood

Jan 8, 2023, 8:51pm Reserves are running out : The Red Cross urgently calls for blood donations To replenish the blood storage camp and secure supplies, blood donation service DRK West needs up to 3500 blood donations every day, it reports. Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / David Ebener Saar For several weeks, the DRK […]

Vacancies at the Ministry of Human Resources.. and revealing the specializations required and the modalities of presentation

Al-Marsad newspaper: (The remote work program of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development) has announced, through the employment website, the availability of vacancies for both genders, with various qualifications, to work in various specializations. Job title: 1- File clerk. 2- Recorder. 3 – Administrative assistant. 4- A postal employee. 5 – Customer Service […]

The Public Investment Fund announces the availability of vacancies … and clarifies the specializations required and the application procedures

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Public Investment Fund has announced through its official account on the LinkedIn Employment Services website (LinkedIn™) the availability of jobs in administrative and technical specializations in Riyadh. Jobs available: 1- Director of the Guidance Department Unit 2- Expert in commission business. 3- Reporting expert. 4- Expert in guidance management. 5- Private Equity […]