How many kandas have returned to Kazakhstan since the beginning of the year

More than 8,000 ethnic Kazakhs have received kandas status since the beginning of 2023, reports citing the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population. “As of June 1, 2023, 8,034 ethnic Kazakhs returned to their historical homeland and received the status of kandas. In total, 1 million 115.1 thousand ethnic Kazakhs have […]

“Person crashes multiple cars in Saudi Arabia neighborhood caught on video”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a person deliberately crashing a number of cars in a neighborhood in the Kingdom. The video showed a person driving a car recklessly and hitting cars parked in front of houses on a public street. And during the video, a number of young men from the neighborhood gathered, and […]

India’s Bihar State: Poverty, Patriarchy and Population Growth

Jakarta – Married by her parents at the age of 14, Indian mother of seven Jaimala Devi continued to have children because her husband insisted she could only stop after she gave birth to two sons. Devi’s stories are common in Bihar, India’s poorest state. India is currently the most populous country with a population […]

“Kuwait Considers Decisions to Address Imbalance of Native-Foreign Population”

Decisions to address the imbalance of native-foreign population in Kuwait are under consideration by the government. After the Eid holiday, it is suggested that the discussion on solving the population structure will be started. A special meeting will be held under the leadership of the Ministry of Home Affairs for this purpose. This was reported […]

“India Predicted to Overtake China in Population by 2023: UN Report”

Jakarta – India’s population is predicted to reach 1.4286 billion or 2.9 million more than China by mid-2023. Countries in Asia have accounted for more than a third of the world’s population for more than 70 years. China’s birth rate has fallen in recent years, with its population shrinking for the first time last year […]

Low Interest in Fourth COVID Dose: Vaccination Rates Drop in Vigo Health Area

When the campaign for the fourth dose for their age group began, Eulalia Pérez, 65, and José Alfonsín, 69, had just suffered from COVID, and they could not put it on. This Friday they went to be injected at the vaccination point of the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital, through which those interested in immunizing themselves against […]

New rules for registration of citizens are planned to be adopted in Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Internal Affairs submitted for public discussion the rules for registering the population of the republic. It is reported that the document was developed in order to decentralize powers between the levels of government, reports. According to the document, registration of Kazakhstanis at the place of residence, registration (registration) at the place […]