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Guerlain’s novelty: a serum that rejuvenates the eye area

The appearance of the eye contributes to a youthful appearance of the face. Unfortunately, science proves that this is also one of the areas of the face where the signs of aging appear first because it is particularly fragile, thus becoming one of the main concerns of women.

The skin on the eyelids is extremely thin due to the tissue that not only lacks supporting fibers but is also twice as thin as the skin on the cheeks. This particular feature makes the area particularly prone to uneven coloring, such as dark circles, or an uneven surface texture, such as wrinkles.

The loss of firmness of the lower eyelid can also cause the appearance of unsightly puffiness, which results in the protrusion of fat tissue in the orbital muscle.

By deciphering the specific needs of this area, Guerlain Research has created a new skin care product specially adapted for the eye contour area, capable of offering a double luminosity and “lifting” effect equal to that acquired with Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum for a young face.

If, on the one hand, this new serum acts in a targeted manner on the visible signs of aging: wrinkles and firmness, on the other hand, it spreads a global action to activate luminosity and helps to correct all types of dark circles, whether vascular, pigmented or sunk.

In addition to these “lifting” and luminosity effects, eyelashes appear strengthened and denser at the root, giving an instant opening effect on the eye area, with continuous action day after day.

The serum uniquely combines the effectiveness of a radiance-restoring white honey concentrate3 with AHAs and PHAs, as well as bio-polyfermented honeys, whose natural properties are enhanced thanks to a new technology: bio-polyfermentation. With a subtle balance of its ingredients, Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum offers a new repairing formula with “lifting” and “peeling” effects on the skin.

Under this action, the eye area becomes intensely brighter, the eye contour is smoothed, puffiness and dark circles are visibly reduced. Color disturbances that darken the eye area are diminished.

Double R Renew & Repair Eye Serum’s double glass bottle is also innovative because it preserves the formulas until the last moment they are in the palm of your hand. Thanks to its pump, it guarantees a hygienic application adapted to the particularly vulnerable area around the eyes.

Part of an eco-design approach, the bottle makes a significant contribution to reducing the use of plastic materials and incorporates at least 20% recycled glass.

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