Free drinks, veils nowhere. Crowds of people had fun in Brno and Ostrava

On Friday night, after the measures were relaxed, many people used to visit restaurants and clubs. Although most people were responsible and obeying government regulations, some were not worried about them. The problems were solved, for example, by the city police officers in Ostrava, who in Stodolní Street and its immediate surroundings checked compliance with […]

The biker wanted to join, but crashed into the car. A helicopter flew for him

The accident happened on Sunday afternoon on the road number I / 56 between Ostravice and Frýdek-Místek. According to the available information, the motorcyclist crossing the right lane crashed into the car in front of him and fell. The other two cars, which were trying to react to the situation, then collided. “A motorcyclist was […]

The man fell out of the third-floor window and died on arrival at the hospital

Rescuers were with the seriously injured man shortly after two o’clock in the afternoon. After falling from the window of the house in the center of Havířov, he was still conscious. “The intervening doctor found injuries to his head, both lower limbs and did not rule out other serious injuries,” said ambulance spokesman Lukáš Humpl. […]

The Covid traffic light shows where the coronavirus is spreading in the Czech Republic

“Prague will be red at the traffic lights. We have agreed with the hygienists that we will introduce distance teaching in all Prague high schools and universities within the next week. Unfortunately, when I suggested it at the beginning of the week, there was no agreement on that,” Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates). Subsequently, however, he specified […]

Triplets were born in Ostrava. My mother dug the garden until she was born

Mr. and Mrs. Baroň from Zlín already have four-year-old Vašík at home. They learned that he would not have one new sibling, but three, after Christmas. “I expected them to tell me ‘you will have a baby’ on the ultrasound, but not that I have three there,” Anastasia Baronova laughed after giving birth. The pregnancy […]