The man fell out of the third-floor window and died on arrival at the hospital

Rescuers were with the seriously injured man shortly after two o’clock in the afternoon. After falling from the window of the house in the center of Havířov, he was still conscious. “The intervening doctor found injuries to his head, both lower limbs and did not rule out other serious injuries,” said ambulance spokesman Lukáš Humpl. […]

The Covid traffic light shows where the coronavirus is spreading in the Czech Republic

“Prague will be red at the traffic lights. We have agreed with the hygienists that we will introduce distance teaching in all Prague high schools and universities within the next week. Unfortunately, when I suggested it at the beginning of the week, there was no agreement on that,” Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates). Subsequently, however, he specified […]

Filip Twardzik follows in his father’s footsteps: I want to move on

Filip Twardzik plays the ball in front of the passing Tomáš Vestenický from Nitra. Rudolf Maškurica “Dad played here for a while, which played a role. That’s why I chose Karviná. There’s a bit of nostalgia in that. I want to move on and I believe that Karviná will help me in that, “reveals a […]

Who can put the veil away from July 1? – ČT24 – Czech Television

What will be released The inhabitants of the Czech Republic will put down the veils from 1 July, the Ministry of Health will abolish the general obligation to protect the respiratory tract. However, people in medical or social facilities will still have to wear respiratory protection. The opening hours of catering facilities will also be […]