The city will restrict the opening of clubs due to noise. People criticize the decision. SURVEY

Limit the operating hours of three clubs are being caught in Třinec. They are bothered by excessive noise at night and in the morning. Clubs should now only be open between six o’clock in the morning and midnight. But some people don’t like the decision.

At some bars in Třinec, city councilors have decided to limit opening hours. There are three clubs between Koperníkova and Kapitána Nálepky streets. They will now only be able to be open between six o’clock in the morning and midnight.

In the clubs and their surroundings, the noise increases extremely in the night and early morning hours. Loud laughter, gathering a large number of people in front of the building and commuting between clubs make life uncomfortable for the locals, the city writes on its facebook.

“The city police can only intervene if there is a physical attack, acts of public outrage, pollution of roads or damage to cars,” the city explains why it had its hands tied in the fight against noise. According to them, everything graduated after the loosening of anti-pandemic measures. “The city has long been looking for ways to ensure the right of citizens to peaceful housing and sleep,” they added.

The decree is to enter into force on January 1 next year. But it can still be changed. Everything, depending on the city, will affect the approach of the operators of the clubs concerned and the behavior of visitors. The city is currently communicating with club operators.

Some are bothered by the decree, others are welcomed

Some people are now protesting against the decree. “You were also kicked out at 12 o’clock when you were young? What is this nonsense?” complains one of the inhabitants of the city. “For me, one more reason to move out of the city, I don’t like creating anything for our city at all, this is really the highlight,” another wrote in the discussion.

But others welcome the decision. “Jtheir only pastimes are booze, partying and ruthlessness, “says one of the discussants on Facebook Třinec.

The city can restrict clubs

According to lawyer Pavel Kolesár, such a decision is admissible. “A number of municipalities have already made similar decrees,” he told He mentioned, for example, Břeclav, where in 2012 they banned gambling in the city. However, clubs can defend themselves against the decision. “But if the only objection was that they had invested a lot of money, it would not work,” he said.

Another way in which restrictions could be avoided is to enter into a lease with the city. “If they have a permit for such operation in the lease agreement, they can oppose this decision,” the lawyer added. Therefore, if the Třinec clubs want to annul this decision, according to Kolesár, they will have to persuade representatives who would be against it in the next elections.

Třinec is not the only place where the population is disturbed by loud music at night. Recently, they have also complained about the disturbance of the night’s rest in Karviná, for example. In Prague’s Braník, even the locals want to ban concerts in the former ice house. They wrote about it petitions.



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