14 people killed in helicopter crash in Azerbaijan

Photo: Screenshot from video The helicopter crash killed 14 people, two sighted The helicopter of the border service crashed during training flights at the aviation range. The helicopter crashed during training flights at the Garaheibat training ground in the Khizi region. At the same time, two soldiers survived the accident. The leadership of the State […]

Ukraine received helicopters to the border with Belarus

Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ukrainian helicopters N-125 The vehicles are equipped with modern satellite transmitters, loudspeakers, digital communication systems, electric winches and emergency floating equipment. Two H-125 helicopters manufactured by the French company Airbus Helicopters arrived in Kiev. They will be supplied to the aviation units of the State Border Service, which […]

Helicopter rescues injured woman in Pirin (Updated)

Mountain rescuers from Bansko in Pirin are carrying out a heavy action. At around 3 pm, a signal was received for a woman who fell into a gutter in the area of ​​Jano peak. She was seriously injured and a military helicopter was immediately asked for help. At around 5 pm, he arrived from the […]

A helicopter with money crashed in Libya

Photo: aksam.com.tr A helicopter carrying money crashes in Libya The helicopter with cash crashed during landing – two people on board were injured. A helicopter carrying money crashed at a stadium in Tarhuna, 65 km southeast of Tripoli, Libya. About it informs Akşam on Wednesday, October 27th. “In Libya, a helicopter carrying cash crashed while […]

Sweden has created a single electric helicopter

Photo: Jetson Aero Aircraft The Jetson One The device can survive in flight for about 15 minutes without recharging. The electric helicopter is controlled by two joysticks. In Sweden, Jetson Aero showcased The Jetson One, a compact electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. It is reported by New Atlas. The dimensions of the aircraft are […]

In Norway, a man shot at people with a bow, there are dead / GORDON

As a result, several people were killed and injured. Aas said that the suspect was detained and taken to the city With a drum. Kjetil Stormark, a journalist based in Kongsberg, told NRK that police deployed helicopters and infrared cameras in a search operation to check the river bed. There are dozens of ambulances at […]

Lower Saxony & Bremen: Helicopters scatter lime over forests in the heath

Monday, October 4th, 2021 Lower Saxony & Bremen Helicopters scatter lime over forests in the heather Unterlüß (dpa / lni) – In the Lüneburg Heath, many forest areas will be limed from the helicopter in the coming weeks – the action starts today (8:00 a.m.). This is intended to ensure the preservation of the trees […]

A helicopter crashed in the Moscow region, all people in it died / GORDON

“According to preliminary data of the investigation, in the forest belt of the settlement ZIL-Gorodok, urban district of Lytkarino, a Robinson R-44 helicopter crashed during a training flight. As a result of the accident, three people on board died,” the message says. On the fact of the helicopter crash, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal […]

In the United States, a plane with a helicopter collided in the sky

Photo: twitter.com/christinepgn The pilot was able to land the plane After the crash, the helicopter fell and caught fire, two people were killed. And the plane was able to land. In the state of Arizona, an aircraft collided with a helicopter during the flight, reports ABC15. The collision took place near the Chandler airport. As […]